Verdure Bluff is a dungeon that is North of Tanren City and near Tanren Mansion. This dungeon mainly consists of Poison, Ground, and Normal types.

Dungeon Parts


Low Floors


Middle Floors


Upper Floors



Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
030 Nidroina 1-10 Unrecruitable
033 Nidorino 1-10 Unrecruitable
042 Golbat 1-10 Unrecruitable
051 Dugtrio 1-25 Unrecruitable
075 Graveler 1-10 Unrecruitable
188 Skiploom 1-10 Unrecruitable
294 Loudred 1-10 Unrecruitable
504 Patrat 1-10 20%
505 Watchog 1-40 Unrecruitable
028 Sandlash 11-40 Unrecruitable
031 Nidoqueen 11-40 Unrecruitable
034 Nidoking 11-40 Unrecruitable
076 Golem 11-40 Unrecruitable
169 Crobat 11-40 Unrecruitable
189 Jumpluff 11-40 Unrecruitable
264 Linoone 11-25 Unrecruitable
286 Breloom 11-25 Unrecruitable
295 Exploud 11-25 Unrecruitable
651 Quilladin 11-25 Unrecruitable
659 Bunnelby 11-25 17%
660 Diggersby 11-25 Unrecruitable
143 Snorlax 26-40 Unrecruitable
652 Chesnaught 26-40 Unrecruitable


There are two bosses in Verdure Bluff, Diggersby and Chesnaught, who were arguing about when to begin their plan. They then notice the player, and wonder if the player heard about their plans. 1 Big Mushroom Is dropped upon defeating them.

Before fighting:



Diggersby: It would be more effective if we struck the town while it is dawn!

Chesnaught: So what?! If we attack at dusk, no one will expect us coming!

Diggersby: You have always been this way you big idiot!

Chesnaught: And you've always been a big, stubborn fool!

Both: GRR!!!

[Player Name]: ....

Chesnaught: ....

Diggersby: ....

Both: Intruder!!

Chesnaught: How did you-

Diggersby: How long have you-

Both: ...

Diggersby: They might of heard our plan to take over the overworld....

Chesnaught: If they stop our army now... We'll be trapped in this dark, damp place forever!

[Player Name]: ....

Diggersby: So be it surface dweller!

Chesnaught: We'll trap you down here!

After defeating:

Chesnaught: Y-You!

Diggersby: Brat!

Chesnaught: Now we'll be stuck in this damp and dark place forever....

Diggersby: G-Ghk, We'll get you next time! We will destroy all surface dwellers!

Why didn't they just use the entrance I used to come in to get out....?

Icon Pokémon Possible Drops Rarity
652 Chesnaught Big Mushroom Uncommon
TM Rock Slide Rare
660 Diggersby Big Mushroom Uncommon
TM Bulldoze Rare


  • Yellow Apple/Big Yellow Apple
  • Ether/Max Ether
  • Reviver Seed
  • Berries (Leppa, Cheri, Pecha, Lum, Oran, Sitrus)
  • TM Rock Tomb
  • Hard Stone
  • Poké
  • Orbs (Totter, Quick, Cleanse, Foe-Hold, Nullify, Recycle, Petrify, Stayaway, Slumber, All Power-Up, Rollcall, See-Trap, Blowback, Warp, Pounce, Scanner, Foe-Seal)
  • Blast Seed
  • Mystery Egg
  • Geo Pebble
  • Gravelerock
  • Gummis
  • Shards (Hidden)

Mystery Eggs

Mystery Eggs containing the following Pokémon can be found through the various floors of Verdure Bluff:

Icon Pokémon Floors
029 Nidoran 1-40
032 Nidoran 1-40
041 Zubat 1-40
050 Diglett 1-40
285 Shroomish 1-40
293 Whismur 1-40
650 Chespin 31-40

End Box

Verdure Bluff Clearing
After the boss room is a clearing room with two Deluxe Boxes that can contain the following:
  • Grass Diamond
  • Rock Diamond
  • Normal Diamond
  • Ground Diamond
  • Reviver Seed
  • Revival Herb
  • Hard Stone
  • Soft Sand
  • TM Rock Slide
  • TM Rock Tomb
  • TM Bulldoze

Dungeon Objective

Try to obtain Chespin, which is an exclusive egg Pokemon here. Bunnelby and Patrat are Easter HC Pokemon that can now be recruited here.


  • Beware of counter from Breloom and AOEs like Earthquake.


  • Verdure Bluff was released in November of 2017, made by Zappeh and Leafysaur.
  • Verdure Bluff was released in the same week as Sunken Gardens which came out only few days prior.
  • The dungeons marks the permanent release of Chespin and Bunnelby outside of Easter Holiday Cave.