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  • Avoid getting surrounded at all costs, especially if nearby Pokémon know moves that give negative statuses. If you do, you can get locked in hit stun and potentially be unable to do anything until the enemies defeat you or you're able to attack back.
  • If you relog, wind will start even if you don't move.
  • Using a Pokémon that starts up a weather can be used for Lickitung hunting.
  • Beginner's Band gives a +3% Exp boost plus +5 to all the holder's stats.
  • Beginner's Badge gives +5 to all stats for every team member if held.
    • Having the active Pokémon hold Beginner's Band while another Pokémon in the party holds Beginner's Badge will stack the stat boost, making the active Pokémon have a +3% Exp boost plus +10 to the holder's stats.
  • Mt Skylift is one of the best dungeons to train a level 30 or 40. If you're careful you can also train a level 20 to 30 in one run.
  • Ghost types can continue to travel in dungeons if they use Rest or an HP recovering move.
  • Flying and Ghost types will gain a status problem if they travel across the following:
    • Lava (Burn)
    • Hot Water (Burn)
    • Poisoned Water (Poison)
    • Frozen Water (Frozen)
    • Numb Green Water (Paralysis)
  • If you take the top and then bottom side of the map in Pitch-Black Abyss you can continue to generate items while minimizing your risks.
  • Defiant will activate on moves that cause the user to lower their own stats.
  • Using a Pokémon with the ability Pick Up in Winden Pass is one of the quickest ways to obtain Heart Scales.
  • Quick Guard protects against all moves that have a range of 3 tiles or higher.
  • Wide Guard protects against all AoEs and Multi-Target Sprays.
  • Golduck with a Damp Rock will always have the ability Swift Swim activated.
  • Despite Pitch-Black Abyss not allowing parties, it is possible to see other guild members.
  • To hatch Mystery Eggs, have an open slot in your party while running around.
    • Using a Pokémon with some sort of movement speed boost (ie the ability Speed Boost or the item Sky Gem) can quicken the rate of Mystery Eggs hatching due to being able to make steps faster.
  • Pitch-Black Abyss eggs take on average around 45 minutes to 1 hour to hatch.
  • Giving a Focus Sash to a level 1 Shedinja will make it impervious to all direct attacks.
  • It is possible to use Role Play or Skill Swap on a Shedinja.
  • Trapped Scarf prevents Ghost types from walking on walls.
  • Make your leader a Pokémon you won't use in battle.
    • For an efficient escape, make your leader hold an Escape Orb.
  • Do missions as soon as possible to increase your storage space.
  • Store money between each dungeon run.
  • You can organize your inventory by clicking and dragging.
  • Get TM Rest as soon as possible for status ailments and restoring HP. Try Winden Pass.
  • When trying to give up, if a message appears to ask for a confirmation then the player will lose items.
  • Traveling on a type-oriented tile then switching to a Pokémon that cannot walk on that certain tile will cause the Pokémon to warp when it attacks.
  • You can Recycle Grimy Foods in dungeons, including ones that weren't originally Apples.
  • Occasionally check the Mystery Egg in the highest inventory slot to see if it's about to hatch. If it is, move it to the lowest slot so you can let your other eggs get closer to hatching. Useful if you're someplace where Mystery Eggs can't hatch, like in a dungeon.
  • In a pinch, you can eat the seeds and berries you find in the dungeons to refill your belly.
  • Before entering Tanren Chambers, create a party even if you're only going in by yourself. This will help you keep track of whether or not you picked up a key on X floor, since the chat will announce both when you picked up a key and when you enter a floor.
  • Bibarel can learn most HM moves, except Fly, making it a good candidate as an HM slave.
  • Type-enhancing items, such as charcoal, make dungeon running easier by giving 20% increased damage for a specific type's moves.

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