Elusive Legacy

The Elusive Legacy is a guild that was created by three friends.

We like our guild and want to have as much fun as possible on PMU and try to become a very strong guild.    

Here are the ranks within the guild:


  • Zappeh
  • Levy
  • Trans


(To be added when I can remember)


  • Trans (Leader)
  • Zappeh (Leader)
  • Levy (Leader)
  • Kendel
  • Kams (Admin)
  • Ionut
  • Tur Twig
  • Iskotu
  • Dill94007 (Admin)
  • Mystic_2
  • Zorlake Reborn
  • Exwhyzed15 (Admin)
  • PowerfulDischargeGuy
  • Absyy
  • DarckMater
  • Tyson
  • maplepoke
  • Omgnotyouagain
  • Crusade

Do not worry, we do not have any enemy guilds on PMU so we'd love to be in an alliance with your guild.

Once we have some time and get some pictures of guild events I will add them.

We would love to have new members, but you need to be approved by all of the leaders, and we don't want the guild to have too many members. I hope you enjoyed reading about this guild and maybe some day we can be in an alliance. Hope you enjoyed. ^_^