Summoner's Platform2

The end part of Summoner's Platform

The Summoner's platform is the starting point of the game. The player starts out as an egg running through the map, along the way there are 4 NPCs to give tips.


Ahote: An Alakazam who first welcomes the player from an apparent summoning. He encourages the player to talk to the other NPCs along the way to the Destiny Cavern Warp.

Dodrio: Dodrio teaches the player how to run (which is by holding the left shift key). At first though, he is just excited about the success of the summoning. 

Machamp: Machamp just tells the player that he/she needs to learn to fight if they want to survive. It has been presumed that Machamp was added before the tutorial of Exbel Woods was made, which made his instructions on how to fight useless.

Loudred: The last NPC on the map, teaches the player how to talk and how to use the chat channels. At first he talks in all capitals, but quickly correct himself. He also advises the player not to be rude to others.



  • Was first created in 2012, just like Exbel Woods
  • Is the first of the 3 parts fo the introduction of PMU, the other two being Destiny Cavern and Exbel Woods
  • The maps are covered in a thick fog.