Sour Root Cave, also known as Sour Root or SRC, is the easiest dungeon accessible that provides a HM to players in Exbel. It is located north-east of Grassroot Town. The HM it contains is Cut, which allows the player to cut down small plants. The mini-boss which drops HM Cut is Weepinbell, and the final boss of the dungeon is Vileplume. The dungeon is home to various Grass, Bug, and Poison Pokémon.

Sour Root Cave is one of the earliest dungeons which introduces status problems, the other dungeons being Island Garden, Seafoam Cove, Sunny Hillside, and Tiny Grotto.


  • Cut tiles on Floors 6+.

The scenery in this dungeon is similar on all ten floors, which composes of orange dirt, grassy cliffs, mushrooms, and growing roots. Large vines occasionally emerge from the ground.

Sour Root Passage

Sour Root Passage is a small room containing various warp panels after the player proceeds from the 5th floor of Sour Root Cave. To access the stairs which will lead to the mini-boss Weepinbell, the player must solve a warp puzzle. Players whom wish to recruit Oddish can find them here at night.

  • Solution.

After beating Weepinbell there's a break point with an Escape Orb if you did not bring along a Pokémon that can learn Cut, as it's needed to cut down the plant blocking the staircase to continue.

Sour Root Cave Passage

From the 6th to the 10th floor, many small plants will block the player's way and prevents them from moving forward. The HM Cut obtained from Weepinbell will be necessary for players to traverse through the dungeon.



Sour Root Chamber

After completing the warp puzzle at the Sour Root Passage, the player will arrive at Sour Root Chambers, the midpoint of Sour Root Cave. A timid Weepinbell will be caught by surprise when the player arrives, and proceeds to attack the player after some hesitation. Upon defeat, Weepinbell will drop HM Cut.

Boss Drop:

  • HM Cut

Before Fighting:

  • Ahh! An intruder! What should I do...uhh...
  • Uhh...go away! ...Please? ....You aren't going to leave, are you? Then that leaves me with choice! ...P-prepare to fight!


Sour Root Lair

At the end of the dungeon, Vileplume will lure the player closer and closer to it with a sweet demure. When the player's get close enough to Vileplume, Vileplume will engage the player in battle.

Boss Drop:

  • 50 Poké
  • 1 Poké

Before Fighting:

  • My my... what do we have here~?
  • Come closer~
  • Closer...
  • Closer~


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
010 Caterpie BF1-10 10.2%
011 Metapod BF6-10 -19%
013 Weedle BF1-10 6.4%
014 Kakuna BF6-10 Unrecruitable
043 Oddish Sour Root Passage


069 Bellsprout BF1-10 9.3%
290 Nincada BF1-10


401 Kricketot BF1-10 8.2%
406 Budew BF1-10




Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Sour Root Cave. Note that Weedle occasionally drops Tiny Thorns upon being defeated.

Name Location Tile Hidden
Poké All Floors Floor No
Pecha Scarf All Floors Floor No
Apple All Floors Floor No
Ether All Floors Floor No
Oran Berry All Floors Floor No
Leppa Berry All Floors Floor No
Pecha Berry All Floors Floor No
Blast Seed All Floors Floor No
Stick All Floors Floor No

Dungeon Objective

The dungeon, like all others, requires the player to climb the dungeon floors and beat the boss for completion. However, after defeating Weepinbell, the player will need a Pokémon whom has learnt Cut to gain access to the next floor. After player teach HM Cut to a Pokémon, the player may progress and face off with the Vileplume at the end of the dungeon. Obtaining HM Cut allows access to various areas and dungeons across the overworld.

This dungeon is also the first dungeon accessible for players to recruit Bellsprout, Budew, Metapod, Nincada and Oddish. Nincada is a rare spawn at night, whereas Oddish is a spawn in Sour Root Passage at night.


  • The boss of Sour Root used to be an Ivysaur.
  • This dungeon was initially introduced in PMU 6, and is reintroduced as one of the original dungeons in PMU 7.
  • There was a glitch in PMU 6 where players could walk on top of the overworld entrance to Sour Root. This was eventually fixed.
  • There was a glitch where player could rebattle the mini-boss without exiting the dungeon, which made it easier to farm HM Cut. They eventually removed that problem due to abuse.
  • Weepinbell is Level 14, while Vileplume is Level 17.
  • Sour Root was a set dungeon before they updated it to be random.


Early PMU7 Sour Root Cave Playthrough by taco pizza

Early PMU7 Sour Root Cave Playthrough by taco pizza

Sour Root Playthrough Dec, 14, 2010

Pokémon Mystery Universe- The New Sour Root Cave

Pokémon Mystery Universe- The New Sour Root Cave

Sour Root Playthrough