Snowball Lobby
The Snowball Game is the second mini game that was made into PMU. It is located in Western Winden Range. Delibird is the one that runs this game. Unlike the previous game, this one involves four different sections, with a reward at the end of the game.


The goal of this game is to hit the opponent with the snowballs as much as possible. To win this game, all members of the opposite team have to be hit five times with the snowballs.

There are portals that you can go into that lead to a different territory that your team occupies. There is a safe zone that you may enter in the middle of your territory that will prevent people from hitting you. You cannot hit people either in this space, though.


When you enter the game room to create a game, you can talk to the Delibird. For other members to join, they have to walk up (or slide up) to the Delibird and talk to him. When they talk to him, the NPC will ask if the player wants to join the game.

When a player joins a game, the message will be sent to the creator. The minimum requirement to start a game is four members (including the creator). Once the requirement is reached, the creator must talk to the Delibird again to begin the game.

When you are sent to the battlefield, a new item will appear in your bag: Snowball (999). You must equip the item to a certain Pokémon on your team and press Z, X, C, V for slots 1, 2, 3, 4, respectively, to throw a snowball.


Snowball Arena.


  • Pokémon with the Unburden ability is considered cheating to many players.


Pokémon Mystery Universe- Snowball Game

Pokémon Mystery Universe- Snowball Game

Playthrough of a game with Snowballs!