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Sky Garden is a sub-dungeon and the last path the player can take in Sky Fortress. To access the Sky Garden, you must have defeated the legendary birds from the Fire, Ice and Electric paths and obtained their respective orbs. The player will be able to access Sky Garden entering the doorway found in the midpoint after Floor 50 in Sky Fortress. In the Sky Garden, the player will face off with Rayquaza and see the conclusion of Sky Fortress' storyline.


Icon Name
Explosion Trap Explosion Trap
Grimy Trap Grimy Trap
Gust Trap Gust Trap
Mud Trap Mud Trap
PP-Zero Trap PP-Zero Trap
Seal Trap Seal Trap
Selfdestruct Trap Selfdestruct Trap
Shocker Trap Shocker Trap
Slumber Trap Slumber Trap
Stealth Rock Trap Stealth Rock Trap
Spikes Trap Spikes Trap
Spin Trap Spin Trap
Sticky Trap Sticky Trap
Summon Trap Summon Trap
Trip Trap Trip Trap
Warp Trap Warp Trap
Wonder Tile Wonder Tile



On the Sky Fortress Garden's final floor, Sky Garden Rooftop, Rayquaza will appear and announce that he is free. He then calls over Slowking - the one the player first meets at the end of Mt. Stormhold - and turns it into a Ditto, revealing that the Ditto was the Slowking's original form, and that Moltres and Articuno were right; the Slowking/Ditto was not an ally to the player. The Ditto runs, and Rayquaza explains that he wanted to make the legendary birds weak so that he could escape and makes an offer to the player. The player rejects the offer and Rayquaza challenges the player. After defeat, Rayquaza vows revenge and leaves. Rayquaza has the moves Draco Meteor, Dragon's Ascent, Extreme Speed, and Hyper Beam.

Boss drop:

  • Dragon Dust
  • Rayquaza's Heart Slate


Before fighting
  • ???: Ryouuuu....
  • ???: Guahahahaha!
  • Rayquaza: Finally! Finally, I have succeeded! I am soon to leave this cursed prison...Hah, yes...!
  • [Player Name]....!?
  • Rayquaza: ...Ah, right. You are yet not informed.
  • Rayquaza: Get in here, minion!
  • Shamouti: Y-yes boss...
  • Rayquaza: Return to your original form...I no longer have any use of you.
  • Ditto: No, please! Boss, wai- ...Ditto! D-ditto!
  • Rayquaza: ...Silence, you pest!
  • Ditto: ...Waaaah!
  • Rayquaza: ...What a coward!
  • Rayquaza: Guahaha! The immortal soul! I have finally found it... The key to this prison's escape, and the secret to eternal life... The immortal soul!
  • Rayquaza: For thousands of years has this toxic exie been my abode...For years! Curse those birds!
  • Rayquaza: Now, now that they are finally weak, I'll strike back, with my raging vegance...
  • Rayquaza: Banished me for my corruption... Those merciless birds! ...I shall once more reign as the guardian of Winden.
  • Rayquaza: ...Guahaha! And I will reward you, for your efforts...[Player Name]
  • [Player Name]: ....!
  • Rayquaza: ...You dare utter word about the original guardian of Winden!? How dare you!
  • Rayquaza: You can't stop me... You should've just shut up and accepted mu offer...
  • Rayquaza: But now! Now you will be an example for all those who dare to challenge my authority...!
  • Rayquaza: You shall be reduced to shreds! Guahaha! And so is the fate of all those who side up with those cursed birds...!
  • Rayquaza: Guahahahah...! Here I come!

After defeating
  • Rayquaza: Guaaa! Nooo! NO!
  • Rayquaza: This! THIS CANNOT BE!
  • Rayquaza: I was so close! SO CLOSE!
  • Rayquaza: ...Guaaahhh! Curse you, [Player Name]!
  • Rayquaza: You haven't seen the last of me! Guaah!

End Room


The end room has only one Deluxe Box unlike the other three Sky Fortress paths.

Box items:

  • Amber Tear
  • Miracle Chest
  • Max Revive
  • Big Nugget
  • Relic Crown
  • Relic Vase
  • Full Restore

Secret Room


The Sky Garden Secret Room can be found on all floors and contains four Deluxe Boxes.

Box items:

  • Grass Dust
  • Relic Statue
  • Max Revive
  • Big Nugget
  • TM Energy Ball
  • TM Swords Dance


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Portrait # Pokémon Floor Recruit rate
Portrait of Venusaur 003 Venusaur 1-99F
Portrait of Pidgeot 018 Pidgeot 1-99F
Portrait of Fearow 022 Fearow 1-99F
Portrait of Vileplume 045 Vileplume 1-99F
Portrait of Parasect 047 Parasect 1-99F
Portrait of Meganium 154 Meganium 1-99F
Portrait of Skiploom 188 Skiploom 1-99F
Portrait of Jumpluff 189 Jumpluff 1-99F
Portrait of Skarmory 227 Skarmory 1-99F
Portrait of Grovyle 253 Grovyle 1-99F
Portrait of Sceptile 254 Sceptile 1-99F
Portrait of Nuzleaf 274 Nuzleaf 1-99F
Portrait of Shiftry 275 Shiftry 1-99F
Portrait of Cacturne 332 Cacturne 1-99F
Portrait of Cradily 346 Cradily 1-99F
Portrait of Tropius 357 Tropius 1-99F
Portrait of Torterra 389 Torterra 1-99F
Portrait of Staraptor 398 Staraptor 1-99F
Portrait of Carnivine 455 Carnivine 1-99F
Portrait of Tangrowth 465 Tangrowth 1-99F
Portrait of Leafeon 470 Leafeon 1-99F
Portrait of Leavanny 542 Leavanny 1-99F
Portrait of Whimsicott 547 Whimsicott 1-99F
Portrait of Lilligant 549 Lilligant 1-99F
Portrait of Braviary 628 Braviary 1-99F


Item Location Tile Hidden
Flying Diamond.png Flying Diamond All Floors Wall No
Grass Diamond.png Grass Diamond All Floors Wall No
Grass Dust.png Grass Dust All Floors Floor Yes
Sky Dust.png Sky Dust All Floors Floor Yes
Leaf Stone.png Leaf Stone All Floors Floor, Water Yes
Soothe Bell.png Soothe Bell All Floors Floor, Water Yes
Sun Ribbon.png Sun Ribbon All Floors Floor, Water Yes
Big Green Apple.png Big Green Apple All Floors Floor Both
Ether.png Ether All Floors Floor Both
Green Apple.png Green Apple All Floors Floor Both
Max Ether.png Max Ether All Floors Floor Both
Leppa Berry.png Leppa Berry All Floors Floor Both
Coba Berry.png Coba Berry All Floors Floor No
Rindo Berry.png Rindo Berry All Floors Floor No
Cheri Berry.png Cheri Berry All Floors Floor No
Lum Berry.png Lum Berry All Floors Floor Both
Pecha Berry.png Pecha Berry All Floors Floor No
Rawst Berry.png Rawst Berry All Floors Floor No
Sitrus Berry.png Sitrus Berry All Floors Floor Both
Blast Seed.png Blast Seed All Floors Floor No
Plain Seed.png Plain Seed All Floors Floor No
Pure Seed.png Pure Seed All Floors Floor Yes
Quick Seed.png Quick Seed All Floors Floor No
Power Herb.png Power Herb All Floors Floor Both
White Herb.png White Herb All Floors Floor Both
Blue Gummi.png Gummis All Floors Floor No
Reviver Seed.png Reviver Seed All Floors Floor No
Iron Thorn.png Iron Thorn All Floors Floor No
Silver Spike.png Silver Spike All Floors Floor No
TM Energy Ball.png TM Energy Ball All Floors Floor, Water No
TM Facade.png TM Facade All Floors Floor No
TM Grass Knot.png TM Grass Knot All Floors Floor, Water No
TM Nature Power.png TM Nature Power All Floors Floor, Water No
TM Safeguard.png TM Safeguard All Floors Floor, Water No
TM Solar Beam.png TM Solar Beam All Floors Floor, Water Yes
All-Aim Orb.png All-Aim Orb All Floors Floor No
Cleanse Orb.png Cleanse Orb All Floors Floor No
Petrify Orb.png Petrify Orb All Floors Floor No
Recycle Orb.png Recycle Orb All Floors Floor No
Scanner Orb.png Scanner Orb All Floors Floor No
See-Trap Orb.png See-Trap Orb All Floors Floor No
Sunny Orb.png Sunny Orb All Floors Floor No
Trapbust Orb.png Trapbust Orb All Floors Floor No
Heart Scale.png Heart Scale All Floors Wall, Water Yes
Yellow Shard.png Shards All Floors Floor Yes

Mystery Eggs

Portrait # Pokémon Floor
Portrait of Oddish 043 Oddish All Floors
Portrait of Paras 046 Paras All Floors
Portrait of Hoppip 187 Hoppip All Floors
Portrait of Seedot 273 Seedot All Floors
Portrait of Carnivine 455 Carnivine All Floors
Portrait of Sewaddle 540 Sewaddle All Floors
Portrait of Cottonee 546 Cottonee All Floors
Portrait of Petilil 548 Petilil All Floors

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this dungeon is to get experience, and obtain a Miracle Chest or Amber Tear from the end box. Rayquaza also has a small chance to drop his Heart Slate for players to fuse with Mystery Part in order to be able to summon it in the dungeons.


  • Must have a Flying-type Pokémon in the team.


  • Rayquaza can be easily beaten with Haze or Clear Smog and a Slumber Orb.
  • Status conditions are common.
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