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Sauna Cavern Depths, or occasionally called Deep Sauna Cavern, SC Depths, or Deep SC, is a continuation of Sauna Cavern. Rock Smash is needed for players to proceed throughout the dungeon. Sauna Cavern Depths hosts many of the evolved forms of Pokémon found previously in Sauna Cavern. The boss of this dungeon is Rhyperior.

The Pokémon are mainly in the level range of 28-40. Players are unable to recruit any Pokémon in this dungeon.


The scenery of this dungeon is the same throughout all seven floors. The ground appears dark brown and porous, while the walls are light orange with lava flowing through them. Lava tiles are uncommon. The weather is often clear, but may be sunny if Torkoal has spawned on the floor.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.



075 Graveler 1-7
095 Onix 1-7
111 Rhyhorn 1-7
112 Rhydon 1-7
219 Magcargo 1-7
324 Torkoal 1-7


Upon reaching the end of the dungeon, an enraged Rhyperior is mad at the player for bringing in the scent of the surface into the dungeon. Rhyperior will then proceed to fight the player.



464 Rhyperior

Boss Drops

Rhyperior will drop the following upon defeat:

  • 3 Tiny Mushrooms (Common)
  • Protector (Rare)


Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Sauna Caverns. Note that items in bold are hidden items.

Item Floor Rarity Special Tile Visible
Poké 1-7 Common - Yes
Grimy Food 1-7 Common - Yes
Gravelrock 1-7 Common - Yes
Iron Thorn 1-7 Common - Yes
Totter Orb 1-7 Common - Yes
Hard Rock 1-7 Uncommon Wall Yes
Metal Coat 1-7 Rare Wall Yes
TM Solarbeam 1-7 Rare - No
Heart Scale 1-7 Rare Wall No

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this dungeon is to conquer the dungeon and beat the boss to officially conquer Sauna Cavern. Players who wish to evolve Pokémon such as Onix and Rhydon may also opt to visit this dungeon frequently to obtain the Metal Coat and Protector needed to evolve each Pokémon respectively.


PMU7 Sauna Cavern Playthrough!-0

PMU7 Sauna Cavern Playthrough!-0

Sauna /Deep Sauna Cavern Playthrough