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Sauna Cavern, also called Sauna or SC by players, is a dungeon located in Winden containing the HM Rock Smash. Proceeding further into the dungeon will eventually lead players to Sauna Cavern Depths. The boss of the dungeon is Rhydon.

The Pokémon in Sauna Cavern is in the level range of 26 to 30 and initially hosts a variety of different types of Pokémon, but eventually becomes a Fire/Rock-Type theme dungeon the further the players are in the dungeon.

Several recruitable Pokémon are found here in Sauna Cavern.


The scenery in this dungeon changes several times, with the difficulty of each section increasing as the player descends deeper into Sauna Cavern. Special tiles such as Water tiles and Lava tiles are commonplace in this dungeon.

Low Floors (B1F-B7F)

The lowest floors of Sauna Cavern features a sauna-like dungeon with small rooms and long corridors.The rock walls are light grey in colour, whilst the floor tiles appear sandy-beige. Water tiles are scattered around every floor in this section of the dungeon.The Pokémon on the low floors are all first-stage Pokémon with various types such as Ice, Poison, and Water-Types. The weather on the low floors are almost always Foggy, otherwise it is Cloudy.

Mid-Floors (B8F-B15F)

At the mid-section of Sauna Cavern, the floor tiles appear brown and rocky, suggesting that the deeper parts of the dungeon is heated. From B8F till B15F, the water tiles scattered across the floor can burn any non Fire-Type Pokémon that has stepped on these water tiles. On B15F, the walls appear brown in colour and the majority of the water tiles have receded, indicating that the dungeon is getting extremely hot at this floor onward. The weather on the mid floors are almost always Foggy, otherwise it is Cloudy as previously on the lower floors. A Secret Room can be found on B14F and B15F.

Upper Floors (B16F-B23F)

The upper floors of Sauna Cavern has changed drastically from the previous floors. The ground goes from being dark in colour to sandy-like beige and the walls turn lighter in color. Instead of water, there is lava, which becomes much more common than the water on previous floors. Any non Fire-Type Pokémon that has stepped on these lava tiles will suffer a burn. The weather on the upper floors of Sauna Cavern is almost always Sunny due to Torkoal's Drought ability.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.



Floor Recruit Rate
041 Zubat 1-15 5.5%


066 Machop 1-15 6.4%
079 Slowpoke 1-10 12%
209 Snubbull 1-15 6.4%
361 Snorunt 1-7 7.5%


316 Gulpin 6-15 6.9%
220 Swinub 8-15 10.9%


183 Marill 11 6.4%
075 Graveler 13-23 0.5%
324 Torkoal 13-23 6.4%
095 Onix 16-23 1.0%
218 Slugma 16-23 8.2%


After the B23F, the player will arrive at Sauna Cavern Opening, whereby a lone Rhydon will be agitated at the player for trespassing his territory. Rhydon will then proceed to attack the player.



112 Rhydon

Rhydon will drop HM Rock Smash upon being defeated, and players will be able to proceed to Sauna Cavern Depths via warp panel.


Item Table

Below is the complete list of items obtainable from Sauna Caverns. Note that items in bold are hidden items, and Onix has a slim chance of dropping Lagging Tail.

Item Floor Rarity Special Tile Visible
Poké 1-23 Common Water, Walls Yes and No
Grimy Food 16-23 Common - Yes
Ether 1-23 Common - Yes
Escape Orb 1-23 Common - Yes
Oran Berry 1-15 Common - Yes
Rawst Berry 1-15 Common - Yes
Blast Seed 1-23 Common - Yes
Gravelrock 1-23 Common - Yes
Iron Thorn 8-23 Common - Yes
Gummies 10-23 Uncommon - Yes
Power Band 8-15 Uncommon - Yes
Def. Scarf 8-15 Uncommon - Yes
Pecha Scarf 8-15 Uncommon - Yes
Rawst Scarf 15 Uncommon - Yes
Flame Orb 16-23 Rare Lava, Walls Yes
Smoke Ball 16-23 Uncommon - Yes
Scope Lens 16-23 Uncommon - Yes
Drought Orb 13-23 Common - Yes
Foe-Seal Orb 13-23 Uncommon - Yes
Sandy Orb 13-23 Common - Yes
Slumber Orb 13-23 Common - Yes
Spurn Orb 13-23 Common - Yes
Totter Orb 13-23 Common - Yes
Warp Orb 13-23 Uncommon - Yes
Water Stone 8-15 Rare Water Yes
Fire Stone 16-23 Rare Lava Yes
TM Rock Tomb 8-23 Common - Yes
TM Acrobatics 8-23 Uncommon - Yes
TM Psych Up 16-23 Uncommon - Yes
TM Solar Beam 16-23 Rare - No
Heart Scale 16-23 Rare Walls No

Kecleon Shop

Kecleon Shops are found on B8F and B18F.

The following is an [in]complete list of items Kecleon Shops offer at Sauna Cavern:

Item Price (Poké) Floor
Apple 75 8
Max Ether 250 8, 18
Reviver Seed 2500 8, 18
Escape Orb 600 8, 18
Cleanse Orb 500 8, 18
Recycle Orb 500 8, 18
Flame Orb 1500 8, 18
Special Band 1000 8, 18
Fire Stone 3000 8, 18
Sunny Day 5000 8, 18

Secret Room

Sauna Cavern also offers Secret Rooms which offers the players 2 Deluxe Boxes. The items that can be found in these boxes are as follows:

  • Lum Berry
  • TM Payback
  • Inferno Band
  • Reviver Seed
  • Herbal Tea

Mystery Eggs

Mystery Eggs found after B15F of Sauna Cavern always contains:

Icon Pokémon
218 Slugma


324 Torkoal

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this Sauna Cavern is for players to proceed through the dungeon and obtain HM Rock Smash. The player may also wish to proceed through Sauna Cavern to access Sauna Cavern Depths and successfully defeat its corresponding boss to officially conquer Sauna Cavern.

With HM Rock Smash, players gain access to various dungeons and shortcuts on the Overworld. Examples of dungeons now available to players are Island Garden, Mt. Barricade, and Mt. Moon.


  • This is the only dungeon that a secret room only spawns for 3 floors.
  • This dungeon is the only one with 23 floors.


PMU7 Sauna Cavern Playthrough!

PMU7 Sauna Cavern Playthrough!

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