PMU contains several regions, or different areas with their own levels for Pokémon, special items, dungeons, and events.

So far in PMU 7, there are 4 major regions:
  • A clouded map of the overworld.
  • Map of Exbel
  • Exbel - The first region added, and the first region the player encounters. It contains the first town as well as many weak dungeons for new players to train in.
  • Winden - The second region in the PMUniverse. Contains stronger dungeons than in Exbel and provides great training for stronger players.
  • Tanren - The third region that is mainly focused on high level ground and rock type dungeons. It is relatively stronger than both Winden and Exbel. Many high-leveled players train here.
  • Archford - The fourth and relatively strongest region to be released to date. The highest leveled players come here after obtaining Surf and it includes some of the most adventurous dungeons to date-including legendary bosses.