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The Red Moon Spring is a Secret Room found in Loch Lenile Cavern only. It can be found on Floors 11-20, but to make use of it, the time would have to be night. It serves a special purpose and has a different layout than the common Secret Room.


The Red Moon Spring offers no Deluxe Boxes or spawnable Pokémon with Honey that are usually found in other Secret Rooms. Instead, it can spawn a Fossil Pokémon if the player has the necessary item. Using a Fossil in a Red Moon Spring summons the living counter-part of the item at level 25 in its base form, with a recruit rate of 1000%, always being recruitable, as long as you are using a Pokémon that is above that level when recruiting and have a team slot open. Fossils may only be revived during night, and only one Fossil may be revived per Red Moon Spring.

  • Dome Fossil - Kabuto
  • Helix Fossil - Omanyte
  • Old Amber - Aerodactyl
  • Root Fossil - Lileep
  • Claw Fossil - Anorith
  • Skull Fossil - Cranidos
  • Armor Fossil - Shieldon
  • Cover Fossil - Tirtouga
  • Plume Fossil - Archen
  • Jaw Fossil - Tyrunt
  • Sail Fossil - Amaura

Fossil Locations

Fossils are mainly in Tanren Chambers exits, all found in different chambers. Some Fossils are found in other dungeons (see respective dungeons for more information).


Lileep in Red Moon Spring

  • The time for the Red Moon Spring has changed multiple times.