Evolution Quest

If you are looking for the various jobs that a player can acquire from the Mission Board, see: Missions.

Pokémon Mystery Universe may not at first look like it is a game featuring quests, however, quests are usually story related and often unacknowledged by the player.

Quests often require a player to trigger a certain event for them to start and most of the time. Players need to obtain certain items or talk to specific NPCs for a quest to be completed.

Below, quests are organized using this criteria:

  • Common, meaning that the quests contained within are completed regularly.
  • Uncommon, which means that the quests contained within aren't completed too often.
  • Rare/Impossible, which means that the quests in this category are hardly ever attempted or completed.


The most common quests in Pokémon Mystery Universe are the Evolution Quest and the Tutorial Quest.

Evolution of Pokémon

This quest is completed so often that is usually considered mandatory for any player who wishes to advance in the game. This quest requires a player to complete Cliffside Cave in order to obtain the Engraved Tablet, allowing you access to Luminous Chamber to evolve.

Move Tutors

This quest has various items involved and has different outcomes depending on the items used. The various items associated with this quest are:

  • Shards
  • Mushrooms
  • Heart Scales

You can use these items listed above to learn various moves that aren't normally in a Pokémon's level-up pool.


Shell Bell Quest
Shell bell quest

This quest involves you going to Southern Sea and collecting five Shoal Salts and five Shoal Bells; however those items cannot be obtained alone as the game only allows you to see one of the items. You have to get the opposite item from another player. After you get those ten items, you then go to a Beach House that is below the Southern Exbel Plains. In the house, there's an Oshawott that can make you a Shell Bell if you trade in those ten items. The only other way to get a Shell Bell would be to luckily get it as a drop from the boss of Beach Bunker.

Three-Star Family Item Quest

This quest consists of obtaining Boxes in order to obtain one- and two-star family items. Because of the randomness of obtaining these family items, it's usually not done by casual players. Once all family items are obtained for a certain Pokémon, they can go to Croagunk's Swap Shop to trade these items for a cost of 5000 Poké.


Mystery of Tanren Chambers

Most of this Quest was once surrounded in mystery, however it involves the Mystery Part which originally did nothing. There are rumors of Mew being involved in this Quest.

Mew in Tanren Chambers

"I won't say any more than this, but Legends could become your friends." ~Sprinko

The Mystery Part can only be obtained through the real ending of Tanren Chambers in the box.

As of recent, you can get legendaries into the Mystery Part via Heart Slates, which involved defeating Legendary Bosses and then talking to Merlin in Archford. For 100k every time a Legendary is placed in a Mystery Part, a Legendary can be unlocked for summoning. Once the Legendary is summoned, the Mystery Part will be sent to the storage.