Welcome to the Pokemon Crusaders official PMU wikia page! This is Flairintha speaking, and I want to tell you a little about this guild.

The Pokemon Crusaders have one main goal, to help those in need. The Pokemon Crusaders is a peace keeping guild, with members dedicated to helping other players, working as a team, solving problems, and strengthening our selves, and our friendship. The Pokemon Crusaders is lead by Flairintha, and assisted by her best friend, Shayminmimic. The other two members make up the original four members of the Pokemon Crusaders. Those two couldn't be anyone other than shiny umbreon and Shiny Leafeon. We want to change the PMU community and make it a friendlier and a more peaceful environment for not only new players, but the old players to.

If you are interested in joining, simply contact either Shayminmimic or myself (Flairintha), in game, and tell us. We have one requirement on joining. Joining is free, but we require you to have Skype. Skype is a free program, and can be downloaded. You don't need a camera or a mic, all you need is the account and to add me as a contact.Thank you for checking us out!

  • Beating HT
  • Crobat and Magikarp~ By Shayminmimic
  • Pikachu and Torkoal~By Shayminmimic
  • Flairintha's Team
  • Pikachu and Torkoal~By Flairintha