PMU Stadium Winning Team

PMU Stadium is an unofficial "Mini Game" that was started by Hayarotle. This game requires two staff members for optimal playing. However only one staff member is required. If this game is played with one staff member, said staff member has to be a mapper or higher.

When you are chosen your Pokémon are all set to level 50 but will return to their previous level upon exiting.

You need a total of 14 players and an admin to begin this game.


The objective of this game is to defeat the other player's Pokémon in turn-based battle, with two players acting as trainers of either team. Unlike regular PMU play, speed determines who moves first, and if two Pokemon tie in speed, the base speed is used instead - and if that fails, a coin toss or Rock-Paper-Scissors match determines the one who gets the first turn instead.



First, both trainers must choose their team from the audience. Each trainer takes turns picking users to play as their Pokemon; usually levels are set upon being warped, and items and other teammates must be put away before being eligible for battle. After warping in, the "Pokemon" users will be placed in a holding area on their respective "Trainer's" side.


Each trainer starts by choosing a Pokemon to lead with. Upon determining which user's Pokemon is faster, the Pokemon's trainer will call out a move from the Pokemon's moveset (usually delivered via private message beforehand) to be used once on the opponent's Pokemon. Turns go back and forth like this until either Pokemon switches or faints. If a move fails due to a status effect, it still counts as a turn - i.e., if a Pokemon is paralyzed and attempts to hit, it will count as a turn regardless if the paralysis stops the attack from working or otherwise.


When switching out, the benched Pokemon regains HP, but retains the same status and PP that they had before being called out. Switching out counts as a turn.


The announcer is, traditionally, an admin; they determine who plays as a trainer, as well as clear up any foul play within a match. At the beginning of a match, the two Trainers private message the announcer which Pokemon they wish to lead with.



Entrance to Pokémon Stadium

The only way to get to the Stadium is through the Delite Plaza, which is the top right entrance with a ladder. In the past, a warp existed in a user's house that led here, but it was wiped by the rollback, so that method of getting to the Stadium is now inaccessible.


The PMU Stadium has many different variations that may be played; the following playstyles have been used. However, it is not necessary to only play by these rules.

  • Little Cup
  • Level 50 Cap
  • Royal (Free level)
  • Blue Color Pokemon vs. Green Color Pokemon


  • This is the only mini game that was unofficial at first before becoming an event of the Weekly Events.
  • This is the only mini game to be accessible by a player house before being moved to the Delite Plaza.