Moves are a fundamental mechanic of PMU. The moves available to a player depend on the user's Pokémon and can effect the player's progression rate. Move mechanics in PMU are similar to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games; however, some moves have been buffed or nerfed in order to level the playing field.


Moves come in two different forms: status and attack. Attack moves have two subcategories: Physical and special. Status moves inflict a status condition on the targeted Pokémon, such as paralysis or poison, without dealing additional damage; attack moves deal damage and some may inflict a status effect as well. The damage delt from a physical or special attack relies on the target's defense or special defense, respectively.

In Pokemon Mystery Universe there are different categories of range that each move falls into:

  • Area of Effect - Move hits around you (Square Formation).
  • Line of Sight - Move hits in front of you (Line Formation).
  • Spray - Move increases in range in front (Triangle Formation).
  • Self - Move affects only you.
  • Floor - Different from Area of Effect, moves here have question marks as range.
    Magic room

    Floor Moves

  • Broken - Moves that have not yet been completed in the game.

Single Target moves, generally Line of Sight and Spray moves, damage only the first enemy in that range, meaning that in order to target other Pokémon in that range, the first Pokémon must be defeated, moved, or otherwise removed from that range. Alternatively, another enemy Pokémon may walk in between the target and the player, causing the move to then hit that Pokémon.

The moves available in PMU come from either the main series Pokémon games or the Mystery Dungeon spin-offs. A list of moves in the main games can be found here and a list of moves in the Mystery Dungeon games can be found here.

Some moves have been nerfed or buffed in PMU if they have been deemed too strong or too weak, respectively. Such changes may affect:

  • Range - How far away a move can hit an enemy on the map
  • Cooldown - How long it takes for a move to be used again twice or more in a row
    • Glide - Whether or not a move can be used while running.
  • PP - The maximum amount of times the move can be used (without item help).


  • Although PMU is based off of the Mystery Dungeon spin-off games, more of the moves in PMU work like their main-game counterparts.
  • Unlike in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, you are able to move while using moves such as Fly, Dig, and Bounce.