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PMU, like many MMOs, have its own unique set of keyboard functions. Among using keys that access a function, the game also uses its chat with a variety of command strings.


These are the default keys used as controls for the game.

   Left Mouse Button - Checks the following:
   *Item on ground
   *Wild Pokemon's Recruitibility
   *Player's Level Differences Among Other Players
   ↑ - Move up
   → - Move right
   ↓ - Move down
   ← - Move left
   Shift - Hold while using arrow keys to run
   W - Move 1 (Use with F to use move)
   A - Move 2 (Use with F to use move)
   S - Move 3 (Use with F to use move)
   D - Move 4 (Use with F to use move)
   F - Normal Attack
   Z - Use held item (1st Pokemon)
   X - Use held item (2nd Pokemon)
   C - Use held item (3rd Pokemon)
   V - Use held item (4th Pokemon)
   1 - Switches to 1st Pokemon
   2 - Switches to 2nd Pokemon
   3 - Switches to 3rd Pokemon
   4 - Switches to 4th Pokemon
   Home - Rotate
   End - Refresh
   F9 - Pop up window (Shows players currently online)
   F10 - Pop up window (Shows the latest 300 battle messages)
   F11 - Take a screenshot (Found in "Client\Screenshots")


Many commands are activated by putting a slash (/) before the command. With some chat commands, you can write text after them. Some commands also may need quotation marks (") and will be marked as necessary. All commands are written inside the chat.

A list of commands can be found below.

Chat Commands

   /g - For Guild Chat
   /p - For Party Chat
   ' - For Global Chat
   !"Playername" "msg" - For Private Message
   /ctf - For CTF Chat (Capture the Flag Only)

User Commands

   /wb [user] - Welcomes back the user (local chat only)
   /addfriend [user] - Adds a friend
   /removefriend [user] - Removes a friend
   /online [user] - Shows if player is online or offline.
   /poke "[player]" - Gives the message "Player poked Player!"
   /praise "[player]" - Gives the message "Player praised Player!"
   /notepad "[player]" - Gives the message "Player threw a notepad at Player!"
   /hug "[player]" - Gives the message "Player has hugged Player!"
   /wave "[player]" - Gives the message "Player waved at Player!"
   /trade [user] - Allows some players to trade items (some items may be unable to trade)

Party Commands

   /createparty - Creates a party (see here for party page)
   /joinparty [user] - Joins the leaders party
   /leaveparty - Leaves the leaders party
   /kickparty [user] - kicks a player from the party (leader only, outside of dungeons)
   /myparty - Shows the players in your party.

Self Commands

   /ping - Gives you the ping of PMU (Non-Functional)
   /fps - Gives you the fps PMU
   /refresh - Refreshes PMU
   /status [status] - Gives you a message to the right of your name (10 character limit)
   /time - Gives you the cycle of time ingame
   /abilities - Lets you check your Pokémon's Abilities
   /who - Tells you the amount of players online
   /rules - Shows the rules
   /commands - Shows the list of commands
   /charid - Shows your ID info and exclusivity [X]
   /glomp - Shows if you have Plusle or Minun power
   /flipcoin - Flips a coin and chooses heads or tails
   /yatterman - Shows how much PINK you are
   /tea - Gives the message "[User] drinks a nice cuppa tea ~"
   /coffee - Gives the message "[User] drinks a nice cuppa coffee ~"

Emote Commands

   /) - Clap
   /)) - Murmur
   /* - Excitement
   /+ - Angry
   /' - Sweat
   /; - Distressed
   /! - Exclamation Point
   /? - Question Mark
   /!? - Shocked
   /. - Set of Ellipses
   /.. - Two Sets of Ellipses
   /... - Three Sets of Ellipses
   /muwaha - Laugh evilly
   /pichu! - Plays a sound clip of Pichu (active Pokemon must be Pichu)
   /pikachu! - Plays a sound clip of Pikachu (active Pokemon must be Pikachu)
   /eevee! - Plays a sound clip of Eevee (active Pokemon must be Eevee)
   /vee! - Plays a sound clip of Eevee (active Pokemon must be Eevee)

Staff Commands

Note: Players cannot use these commands, and certain staff commands are not listed for privacy reasons.

   /info [user] - Gathers information on a user
   /kick [user] - Kicks a user off the server
   /ban [user] - Bans a user from PMU
   /kill [user] - ???
   /eat [user] - Sends a user to DA BELLAH
   /pinkwall [user] - Sends a user to The Pink Wall

House Commands

   /edithouse - Lets you edit your own house
   /leavehouse - Lets you leave houses
   /emptyhouse - Clears players from house
   /houseentrance - Sets entrance for house
   /houseroof - Sets roof for house
   /housenotice - Sets notice tile for house (Bronze Rank)
   /houseshop - Sets shop tile for house (Bronze Rank)
   /housesound - Sets sound tile for house (Bronze Rank)
   /housesign - Sets sign tile for house (Bronze Rank)
   /houselight - Sets brightness of house (Silver Rank)
   /houseweather - Sets weather of house (Silver Rank)
   /houseexpand - Sets dimensions of house (Gold Rank)

Capture the Flag (CTF) Commands

   /ctfcreate - Creates a game of CTF
   /ctfjoin - Joins a game of CTF
   /ctfstart - Starts the game of CTF (Creator Only)
   /ctfleave - Leave the game of CTF
   /ctfend - Ends the game of CTF (Creator Only)
   /ctfflag [###] - Set Flag Count
   /ctf - CTF Chat

Full Screen Mode


Full Screen Mode w/Black Border

Despite not being apparent, PMU has a full-screen mode available. The way to access it is the following:

Hold Down F11 (or FN+F11), then click Select Server. While holding, select the Main Server and the screen will refresh to full screen. It will change the screen resolution and have a large black border around it, and it has no changes to the height or width of PMU's regular screen. The Full Screen is mostly there as an Easter Egg.

To escape Full Screen mode, you have to close out of the game. Click Alt+Tab and go to a new window. If you don't have another window open, use Ctrl+Alt+Delete and open the Task Manager to close out. When you reopen the game, it will be back to its Windowed Mode.