PMU Chatango was a chat site solely for the PMU community. The site was hosted on popular chat site, Chatango. While a few former PMU players resided there, a few active ones also had fun chatting there as well. The PMU Chatango was discontinued.

A few moderators also had a bit of fun there, but they did take their jobs seriously as well.

Some of the PMU chat regulars included:

  • Skarow - (Skarow)
  • Agunimon - (Agunimon567)
  • Cynder - (CyndertheKid)
  • Ribbon - (ScarfedTyphlosion)
  • Luli - (Lulikat)
  • Sprinko - (TazmilyClaus)
  • FreelancePMU - (0Solus0)
  • Shocky - (ShockytheShinx)
  • Tatetato - (Tateato)
  • Gearaldine - (Keybah)
  • Karoi - (ProlificDexterity)
  • And many others
  • The link to where this chat site was can be found here.