Pokemon Mystery Universe

A screenshot of Pokémon Mystery Universe.

PMU 7 is the current version of Pokémon Mystery Universe. PMU7 was released September 2010. Visit the PMU7 Category Page for more info.


At release Date

When released, PMU had one region: Exbel. It also had four dungeons: Marowak Dojo, Tiny Grotto, Seaside Cavern, and one other dungeon.

As It Grew

Since then, it has grown to four regions (Exbel, Winden, Tanren, and Archford) with over 30 different dungeons to play through. There are also many different types of facilities, including move tutors, item storage, Pokémon assemblies, and shops of plenty. You can also create and expand your own home with several commands to make your house unique.