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Overused, often simply called OU, is a tier in Pokemon Mystery Universe.

This tier is meant to represent all the Pokemon that are the most commonly used, whether this is because of strength or popularity. Some reasons for their rank are:

  • They are the most useful Pokemon
  • They are strong in competitive play
  • They are strong in dungeons
  • They are seen being used by most players

Overused is the most popular tier.

List of Pokemon

The Pokemon in this list are listed from most popular Pokemon to least popular Pokemon.

  • 157 Typhlosion - Starter | Inferno Volcano 26F+
  • 242 Blissey - Mt. Moon 30-40F (Mystery Egg, In Wall)
  • Sceptile Mugshot Sceptile
- Starter | Mysterious Jungle (Mystery Egg)
  • Charizard Mugshot Charizard
- Starter | Inferno Volcano 26F+
  • Arcanine Mugshot Arcanine
- Inferno Volcano 11F+ | Harmonic Tower (Recruit 25-49F, Mystery Eggs) | Rustic Savannah 15F+
  • Blaziken Mugshot Blaziken
- Starter | Easter Holiday Cave
  • Altaria Mugshot Altaria
- Harmonic Tower 75F+ (Mystery Egg) | Mt Skylift
  • Milotic Mugshot Milotic
- Seafloor Ruins (All) 31F+
  • Luxray Mugshot Luxray
- Starter | Sky Fortress (Electric Path, Mystery Egg)
  • Lanturn Mugshot Lanturn
- Southern Sea 29F+ | Seafloor Ruins (All) 31F+
  • Tyranitar Mugshot Tyranitar
- Mr. Barricade 14-15F
  • Swampert Mugshot Swampert
- Boggy Wastes 30-48F (Mystery Egg)
  • Salamence Mugshot Salamence
- Harmonic Tower 75F+ (Mystery Egg)
  • Porygon-Z Mugshot Porygon-Z
- Snowveil Lair All Floors (Mystery Egg, In Wall) | Mt. Moon | Tanren Chambers (Normal) Floors 93-99 (Mystery Egg, In Wall)
  • Feraligatr Mugshot Feraligatr
- Starter | Seafloor Ruins (Dawn)
  • Aggron Mugshot Aggron
- Beach Bumber 1-15F | Cliffside Cave 7-12F | Tanren Mines 1-14F
  • Flygon Mugshot Flygon
- Tanren Mines 27-28F (Dawn/Dusk)
  • Vulpix Mugshot Vulpix
- Harmonic Tower (Mystery Egg) | Inferno Volcano 26F+
  • Gardevoir Mugshot Gardevoir
- Starter | Sky Fortress (Fairy Path) (Mystery Egg)
  • Vaporeon Mugshot Vaporeon
- Friendship Forest
  • Corsola Mugshot Corsola
- Beach Bunker 1-15F | Southern Sea | Seafloor Ruins (Mystery Egg)
  • Xatu Mugshot Xatu
- Starter | Pitch-Black Abyss (Mystery Egg)
  • Drifblim Mugshot Drifblim
- Harmonic Tower (Mystery Egg)
  • Metagross Mugshot Metagross
- Harmonic Tower 75F+ (Mystery Egg)
  • Gengar Mugshot Gengar
- Harmonic Tower 50F+ (Mystery Egg) | Pitch-Black Abyss (Mystery Egg) | Crystal Castle
  • Drapion Mugshot Drapion
- ???
  • Electivire Mugshot Electivire
- Thunderstorm Forest | Tanren Chambers (Electric) (Mystery Egg)
  • Weavile Mugshot Weavile
- Winden Forest (Dusk, Night) | Tanren Chambers (Ice) (Mystery Egg)
  • Froslass Mugshot Froslass
- Snowveil Den 1-12F (Mystery Egg) | Winden Pass | Winden Overworld
  • 470 Leafeon - Friendship Forest 3F+
  • 471 Glaceon - Friendship Forest 3F+
  • 055 Golduck - Winden Forest (Eggs), Mineral Cavern 1F+
  • 229 Houndoom - Jailbreak Tunnel 1F+ (Dusk & Night), Sky Fortress (Fire Path) (Eggs)