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Mt. Skylift (Skylift) is a dungeon that contains mostly Flying-type Pokémon, found northwest of Grassroot Town, and northeast of Pitch-Black Abyss. It provides the player HM Fly at the end of the dungeon. Most of the dungeon may be clear due to Swablu and Altaria which have the Ability Cloud Nine. Pelipper also spawns on the higher floors, which can lead to rain as it has the Ability Drizzle.

Due to the ease of defeating the enemy Pokémon, accessibility, and experience points gained, Mt. Skylift is deemed the best dungeon to train Pokémon to level 30 or 40.


Icon Name
Chestnut Trap Chestnut Trap
Grimy Trap Grimy Trap
Gust Trap Gust Trap
Mud Trap Mud Trap
Pitfall Trap Pitfall Trap
PP-Zero Trap PP-Zero Trap
Selfdestruct Trap Selfdestruct Trap
Spin Trap Spin Trap
Sticky Trap Sticky Trap
Trip Trap Trip Trap
Warp Trap Warp Trap
Wonder Tile Wonder Tile

Throughout Mt. Skylift are many decorative chambers. The most prominent one is found on Floor 18; a Ho-oh statue with two baskets in front and the flavor text "(It's a basket of Apples/Oran Berries.)
(It seems wild Pokemon leave offerings here....)".

On Floor 30 is a sealed chamber with a Light Box that can contain the following items:

  • Sky Silk
  • Huge Apple
  • Revive
  • Nugget

Mt. Skylift Peak

Mt. Skylift Peak.png

The peak of Mt. Skylift lies beyond Floor 36, where the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh awaits.

It says its been watching the player, and offers a Fly HM before flying off and revealing it.

  • Welcome! I have been watching your progress as an explorer for a while now..
  • Perhaps you persevered my dungeon, and you have grown a lot from the experience... or you have beaten it with but a smidgen of effort.
  • I entrust this HM to you. Please take it and use it wisely, so you too can travel the boundless skies with a trusty Flying-Type Pokémon.
  • Either way the wind blows for you, feel free to come back and challenge Mt. Skylift again.

Secret Room


Secret Rooms in Mt. Skylift can be found starting on Floor 26. The room is shaped like a bird and has a total of two Deluxe Boxes.

Box items:

  • Feather Band
  • Huge Apple
  • Revival Herb
  • TM Dragon Tail


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Portrait # Pokémon Floor Recruit rate
Pidgey 016 Pidgey 1-10F
Spearow 021 Spearow 1-10F
Venonat 048 Venonat 1-10F
Hoothoot 163 Hoothoot 1-10F
Hoppip 187 Hoppip 1-10F
Taillow 276 Taillow 1-10F
Starly 396 Starly 1-10F
Pidove 519 Pidove 1-10F
Fletchling 661 Fletchling 1-10F
Wingull 278 Wingull 1-25F
Chatot 441 Chatot 6-36F
Pidgeotto 017 Pidgeotto 11-25F
Skiploom 188 Skiploom 11-25F
Swablu 333 Swablu 11-25F
Staravia 397 Staravia 11-25F
Tranquill 520 Tranquill 11-25F
Fletchinder 662 Fletchinder 11-25F
Fearow 022 Fearow 11-36F
Venomoth 049 Venomoth 11-36F
Noctowl 164 Noctowl 11-36F
Skarmory 227 Skarmory 11-36F
Beautifly 267 Beautifly 11-36F
Dustox 269 Dustox 11-36F
Swellow 277 Swellow 11-36F
Altaria 334 Altaria 16-36F
Talonflame 663 Talonflame 16-36F
Staraptor 398 Staraptor 21-36F
Unfezant 521 Unfezant 21-36F
Pidgeot 018 Pidgeot 26-36F
Jumpluff 189 Jumpluff 26-36F
Pelipper 279 Pelipper 26-36F


Item Location Tile Hidden
Poké.png Poké All Floors Floor No
Stamina Band.png Stamina Band 5F+ Floor No
Sharp Beak.png Sharp Beak 16F+ Floor No
Apple.png Apple All Floors Floor No
Big Apple.png Big Apple All Floors Floor No
Ether.png Ether All Floors Floor No
Max Ether.png Max Ether All Floors Floor No
Herbal Tea.png Herbal Tea All Floors Floor No
Mental Herb.png Mental Herb 26F+ Floor Yes
Oran Berry.png Oran Berry All Floors Floor No
Leppa Berry.png Leppa Berry All Floors Floor No
Cheri Berry.png Cheri Berry All Floors Floor No
Chesto Berry.png Chesto Berry All Floors Floor No
Pecha Berry.png Pecha Berry All Floors Floor No
Persim Berry.png Persim Berry All Floors Floor No
Rawst Berry.png Rawst Berry All Floors Floor No
Lum Berry.png Lum Berry All Floors Floor No
Chilan Berry.png Chilan Berry All Floors Floor No
Coba Berry.png Coba Berry All Floors Floor No
Blast Seed.png Blast Seed All Floors Floor No
Reviver Seed.png Reviver Seed All Floor No
Tiny Reviver Seed.png Tiny Reviver Seed 1-25F Floor No
Blue Gummi.png Gummis 10F+ Floor No
Honey.png Honey All Floors Floor No
Smoke Ball.png Smoke Ball All Floors Floor No
Iron Thorn.png Iron Thorn All Floors Floor No
TM Acrobatics.png TM Acrobatics 21F+ Floor No
TM Aerial Ace.png TM Aerial Ace 16-25F Floor No
TM Double Team.png TM Double Team 1-15F Floor ??
TM Dragon Tail.png TM Dragon Tail 26F+ Floor No
TM Gyro Ball.png TM Gyro Ball 26F+ Floor No
TM Protect.png TM Protect 1-15F Floor No
TM Roost.png TM Roost 16F+ Floor No
All-Aim Orb.png All-Aim Orb All Floors Floor No
Blowback Orb.png Blowback Orb All Floors Floor No
Cleanse Orb.png Cleanse Orb All Floors Floor No
Clear Sky Orb.png Clear Sky Orb All Floors Floor No
Cloudy Orb.png Cloudy Orb All Floors Floor No
Escape Orb.png Escape Orb All Floors Floor No
Evasion Orb.png Evasion Orb All Floors Floor No
Foe-Hold Orb.png Foe-Hold Orb All Floors Floor No
Foggy Orb.png Foggy Orb All Floors Floor No
One-Room Orb.png One-Room Orb All Floors Floor No
Quick Orb.png Quick Orb All Floors Floor No
Rainy Orb.png Rainy Orb All Floors Floor No
Recycle Orb.png Recycle Orb All Floors Floor No
Rollcall Orb.png Rollcall Orb All Floors Floor No
See-Trap Orb.png See-Trap Orb All Floors Floor No
Slumber Orb.png Slumber Orb All Floors Floor No
Spurn Orb.png Spurn Orb All Floors Floor No
Sunny Orb.png Sunny Orb All Floors Floor No
Trapbust Orb.png Trapbust Orb All Floors Floor No
Warp Orb.png Warp Orb All Floors Floor No
Big Mushroom.png Big Mushroom All Floors Floor No
Yellow Shard.png Shards 21F+ Floor Yes
Heart Scale.png Heart Scale All Floors Floor, Wall Yes
Old Amber.png Old Amber 31F+ Floor Yes

Mystery Eggs

Mystery Eggs in Mt. Skylift appear from Floor 1 to 25.

Portrait # Pokémon Floor
Pidgey 016 Pidgey 1-25F
Spearow 021 Spearow 1-25F
Venonat 048 Venonat 1-25F
Hoothoot 163 Hoothoot 1-25F
Taillow 276 Taillow 1-25F
Starly 396 Starly 1-25F

Dungeon Objective

The main objective is to obtain HM Fly, and after that players usually return for the amount of training that can be done at this dungeon. Several recruitable Pokémon are also found here. Old Amber is a hidden item here, that can be resurrected into Aerodactyl, meaning Aerodactyl can only be obtained via this dungeon. As well as the Sky Silk is exclusive to this dungeon.


  • Mt. Skylift was created by Kirk.
  • Aerodactyl was once a Pokémon that could be recruited directly from this dungeon, but was later removed with the introduction of Old Amber.
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