Mt. Barricade, commonly abbreviated as Mt. Barr or simply Barr, is a dungeon originally from PMU 6 which was later remade and added to PMU 7. This dungeon is one of the strongest dungeons in Exbel that is not set level, and is the closest Exbel dungeon to the Tanren region.

It has 30 floors with two intermissions and two main boss floors. The both intermissions are a cliff lookout over PMU with a puzzle increasing in height to reach the entrance back into the dungeon.

The bosses that are in this dungeon are both mob type.


The Pokémon vary in type, but are mostly Bug-, Fighting-, and Ground-type, with some able to cause different status problems. Foggy weather and Rainy weather is common.

Icon Name
ChestnutTrap Chestnut Trap
GustTrap Gust Trap
GrimyTrap Grimy Trap
MudTrap Mud Trap
PPZeroTrap PP-Zero Trap
SealTrap Seal Trap
SelfdestructTrap Selfdestruct Trap
SlumberTrap Slumber Trap
SpinTrap Spin Trap
StealthRockTrap Stealth Rock Trap
StickyTrap Sticky Trap
SummonTrap Summon Trap
TripTrap Trip Trap
WarpTrap Warp Trap

  • Floors 1-15
  • Floors 16-30

Floors 1-10

The low floors of the dungeon include a lot of water with small rooms. The ground is a light tan color and the walls of this scenery set are light grey.

Floors 16-30

In the higher floors of this dungeon the dirt is grey with occasional yellow grass, and the water shifts to a deeper, darker blue. On Floor 20 is a Sealed Chamber with a Hard Box.

Mt. Barricade Cliffs

After Floor 10 and Floor 20 are warp type puzzles. The Floor 20 puzzle, leads to the miniboss of the dungeon, where after the puzzle continues and leads to the entrance back into the dungeon floors. These puzzles have wind in them!

  • Floor 10 puzzle guide.
  • Floor 20 puzzle guide.
  • Floor 20 puzzle guide, after the miniboss.


Hariyama and Makuhita

Mt. Barricade Chamber

Mt. Barricade has both a mini-boss along with the end boss. The mini-boss is a group of Hariyama 4 and 8 Makuhita, who use Wide Guard followed by Earthquake. They appear after Floor 20.

Before Fighting:

  • Oi! What 'ave we got 'ere?
  • We don' well get too many a vistor up in these parts.
  • On closer inspection...
  • Ya don' look like too much of a threat.
  • Do'ya honestly want me ta believe ya were able ta brave these treacherous slopes, then?
  • ..............
  • Hmm... fer someone to make it up this far, it sure takes a lot of courage.
  • A pokemon like tha' surely's gotta put up some kind of a fight.
  • ..............
  • 'Right then! You seem a bit eager ta' get past here, so I'll be makin' ya a deal.
  • If you can prove yerself by winnin' in a battle against me 'n my comrades. I'll be willin' to let ya pass, a'right?
  • I best be warnin' ya though... we won't be takin' it easy on ya, so you better fight like ya mean it!
  • Are ya ready to take us on, stranger?
  • Go ahead 'n come at us, then!


Mt. Barricade Peak 1

The end boss is a gang assembled by a Tyranitar. It consists of Gliscor, Skarmory, Tyranitar, Pupitar, and Larvitar. The Sunny weather which appears to be prevalent at first is quickly replaced by Sandstorm as the final boss spawns.

Before Fighting:

  • ???: That smell... there's no mistaking it...
  • ???: The smell... of an intruder!
  • ???: You won't make it out of here alive!

Secret Room

Mt. Barricade has a Secret Room and It can only be found on Floor 10. In this Secret Room, all the boxes are hidden. There are a total of six boxes; three boxes on the ground and three boxes inside the walls. The items that can be found in the boxes are:

  • Canyon Band
  • Fighting Diamond
  • Slate Band
  • Knockout Band
  • Max Ether
  • Honey
  • Chople Berry
  • Kebia Berry
  • Shuca Berry
  • Plain Seed
  • Reviver Seed


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
029 Nidoran F1-15 1.8%
031 Nidoqueen F20-30 Unrecruitable
034 Nidoking F20-30 Unrecruitable
046 Paras F1-20 Unrecruitable
047 Parasect F15-30 Unrecruitable
050 Diglett F1-10 Unrecruitable
051 Dugtrio F16-30 Unrecruitable
056 Mankey F5-15 4.4%
057 Primeape F15-30 Unrecruitable
105 Marowak F15-30 Unrecruitable
185 Sudowoodo F15-30 Unrecruitable
205 Forretress F5-30 Unrecruitable
207 Gligar F11-20 0.7%
213 Shuckle F15-30 Unrecruitable
214 Heracross F5-30 -2.5%
246 Larvitar F14-15 0.5%
269 Dustox F10-30 Unrecruitable
286 Breloom F10-30 Unrecruitable
296 Makuhita F1-15 Unrecruitable
297 Hariyama F11-30 Unrecruitable
303 Mawile F16-30 2.4%
438 Bonsly F5-15 1.7%
472 Gliscor F15-30 Unrecruitable


The items that are found in this dungeon include the basics that an explorer needs to complete a dungeon, along with Reviver Seeds and the Oval Stone.

Name Location Tile Hidden
Poke All Floors Floor No
Brown Silk F20 N/A N/A
Silk Scarf F20+ Floor, Water No
Stamina Band F10+ Floor, Water No
Special Band All Floors Floor No
Zinc Band All Floors Floor No
Oval Stone F30 Wall Yes
Apple All Floors Floor No
Ether All Floors Floor No
Huge Apple F20 N/A N/A
Revive F20 N/A N/A
Leppa Berry All Floors Floor No
Lum Berry All Floors Floor No
Oran Berry All Floors Floor No
Oren Berry All Floors Floor No
Pecha Berry All Floors Floor No
Blast Seed All Floors Floor No
Reviver Seed All Floors Floor No
Geo Pebble All Floors Floor No
Nugget F20 N/A N/A
TM Brick Break F20+ Floor ??
TM Facade F10+ Floor No
TM Rock Tomb F20+ Floor Yes
TM Stone Edge F20+ Floor Yes
Foe-Hold Orb All Floors Floor No
Foe-Seal Orb All Floors Floor No
Foggy Orb All Floors Floor No
Rainy Orb All Floors Floor No
Rebound Orb All Floors Floor No
Recycle Orb All Floors F10+ No
Slumber Orb All Floors Floor No
Totter Orb All Floors Floor No

Mystery Eggs

Two Pokémon can be found in Barricade Eggs which begin spawning on Floor 16.

Icon Pokémon Floor
204 Pineco F16+
285 Shroomish F16+

Dungeon Objective

The objective for this dungeon is, like many others, to go up the floors and beat the dungeon and boss. This dungeon offers the Oval Stone, which is necessary to evolve Happiny. Mount Barricade is also the only the dungeon that has a recruitable Larvitar.


  • When Mt. Barricade was released in PMU 7, the mini boss had a glitch that caused many phantom enemies to spawn. These sprites couldn't move nor attack.
  • This dungeon was previously released in PMU 6.
  • Previously there was a glitch where the boss did not spawn and players had to be warped into a boss fight where they are spawned for you. It has since been fixed.