Mettle mountain

Mettle Mountain Entrance

Mettle Mountain is a continuation of the Tanren region. It has extra features to it such as a dungeon and an arena. When you first enter Mettle mountain there is the master of the dojo, Mawile Sensei, there to greet.

Area Parts


The scenery outside of the place is similar to the rest of the Tanren region with the exception of clouds forming half way up the mountain.

When inside the mountain there is a light fog that covers the area, and the overall landscape looks older then that of the outside.


There are no recruitable Pokémon here. However, there are Tyrogue Eggs that can be found in Tanren Dojo. The Pokémon that are here are mainly rock and fighting types with other minor types showing an appearance.


Mettle Mountain has a shop that can be found in the Arena with a Persian that sells items for a higher price than other places.


Mettle Mountain has two features to it:


  • The pokemon that are on Mettle Mountain are made to resemble select staff members.
    • Grovyle is Candroo
    • Lucario is Darkmazer
    • Dragonair is Yatterman
    • Kabutops is Kronic
  • This area was the first project for Voltray (Mapper).
  • There was a mistake in the News section featuring Mettle Mountain as a new dungeon, rather than a new area.


  • Tanren Arena
  • Mettle Mountain Entrance
  • Mettle Mountain Dojo
  • Mettle Mountain Top