Consume Gummi Effects

Gummis are consumable items in PMU7 such as Apples, Berries, Seeds, Potions, Ethers, and Bananas. There are a total of every eighteen different types of Gummis for each available type of Pokémon in PMU7. When consumed, Gummis fill the player's belly, temporarily raises two stats and have a random additional effect for the floor it is consumed on if the player is in a dungeon.


When consumed, Gummies raises a fixed set of stats to the consumer. The primary stat is raised by three (rose drastically), the secondary by two (rose sharply). These stats buff are dependent on the type of Gummi consumed and can be referred to the table below under Varieties.


The amount of belly filled upon consuming a Gummi depends on the effectiveness of the Gummi's type against that of the user. The following are the belly changes according to type match-up:

  • If either of the types of the user match = +60
  • Weak to type(Meaning the Gummi type is super-effective against the user's type.) = +30
  • Damaged regularly by the type = +25
  • Resistant to the type = +20
  • Ineffective / Immune = +5

Note: The types are analysed individually. To quote the example from Bulbapedia: "A Grass Gummi would refill 80 of Hoppip's Belly, as it matches its Grass-type[60] and is resisted by its Flying-type[20]."

Additional Effects

These extra effects only work if the player is in a dungeon. One of the following additional effects randomly come into effect when the player uses a Gummi. 

  • Being warped next to stairs. 
  • Super mobility. (Can walk on all terrains) 
  • Reveal all traps on the floor. 
  • Remove darkness from floor (If there is any). 
  • Heal non-volatile status condition (If any). 
  • Unveil all hidden items. 
  • Increased speed. 
  • Restores consumer's health when low on HP 


The following table shows the types of Gummis available in PMU7 and the stats buff granted to the consumer when consumed.

Gummi Favored by Primary Stat Secondary Stat
MDBag Black Gummi Sprite
Dark Types Attack Sp. Attack
MDBag Blue Gummi Sprite
Water Types Defense Sp. Attack
MDBag Clear Gummi Sprite
Ice Types Sp. Attack Sp. Defense
MDBag Gold Gummi III Sprite
Psychic Types Sp. Defense Sp. Attack
MDBag Green Gummi Sprite
Bug Types Attack Accuracy
MDBag Pink Gummi Sprite
Poison Types Sp. Attack Accuracy
MDBag Purple Gummi Sprite
Ghost Types Sp. Attack Evasion
MDBag Red Gummi Sprite
Fire Types Sp. Attack Attack
MDBag Royal Gummi Sprite
Dragon Types Sp. Attack Defense
MDBag Sky Gummi Sprite
Flying Types Accuracy Defense
MDBag Grass Gummi Sprite
Grass Types Attack Evasion
MDBag Orange Gummi Sprite
Fighting Types Attack Defense
MDBag Silver Gummi Sprite
Steel Types Defense Sp. Defense
MDBag White Gummi Sprite
Normal Types Attack Sp. Defense
MDBag Yellow Gummi Sprite
Electric Types Sp. Defense Attack
MDBag Gray Gummi Sprite
Rock Types Defense Attack
MDBag Brown Gummi Sprite
Ground Types Evasion Attack
MDBag Wonder Gummi Sprite
Fairy Types Evasion Sp. Attack


  • No two Gummis raise the same stats combination by the same amount. Interestingly, no Gummi will ever raise the HP or Speed stats as well.
  • Gummis can not turn grimy. This makes Gummis an ideal food source when preparing for Dungeons filled with Grimy Traps, such as that in Boggy Wastes, Caustic Sewers, its continuation dungeon Ancient Caustic Sewers, and Sky Fortress therefore reducing the need for players to carry Recycle Orbs.
  • Conversely, Gummis are never obtainable from recycling Grimy Food found from dungeons.