Items are a fundamental part of PMU and are the main source of tactical play. Items are found throughout many different places, most commonly laying on the ground in dungeons. Their effects vary depending on the type of item, with most being beneficial towards the player and their team. Some items are required to proceed in the game while others exist to make the game progression easier.

When a player faints and/or gives up inside a dungeon, they will lose almost all of their items.

Items can be bought and sold in the many different shops that are located around PMU, though some items cannot be dropped.

Master List

Below are the types of items you can get.


  • There used to be an item called Heart Pendant dropped by Deoxys in Mt. Moon, which boosted all team member's HP by 75.
  • Previously, there were three items that evolved Tyrogue into Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop. The items were named Punch Bracelet, Kick Bracelet, and Spin Bracelet respectively. Furthermore, the trio boss of Tanren Training Dojo dropped these evolutionary items dependent on which evolutionary form they were (Hitmonchan dropped Punch Bracelet, Hitmonlee dropped Kick Bracelet, and Hitmontop dropped Spin Bracelet).