Island Garden, also called IG, is a dungeon found in the eastern side of Exbel. HM Cut is required to access it. This dungeon, alongside Tiny Grotto, Seafoam Cove, Sour Root Cave, and Sunny Hillside, introduces status conditions onto the player. This dungeon has no bosses to defeat in order to complete it. Grass-type and Bug-type Pokémon are most commonly found here. 


The weather here can be Cloudy or Clear. There are only two different traps in this dungeon.

Icon Name
ChestnutTrap Chestnut Trap
MudTrap Mud Trap


On first glance, the Island Garden dungeon lives up to its name and appears to be a well-maintained garden filled with many greens and flowers. The walls are full of lush green leaves with small pink and orange flowers, while the floor is carpeted with grass. The rooms of this dungeon are small, and its corridors are long, commonly leading players into dead ends.

Island Garden Outlook

Island Garden Outlook

End Box

At the end of the dungeon, the player is rewarded with 2 Deluxe Boxes. Deluxe Boxes obtained from Island Garden may contain:

  • Shed Shell
  • Fire Diamond
  • Sharp Beak
  • Silk Scarf
  • Silver Powder
  • Honey
  • Max Ether
  • Tiny Reviver Seed
  • TM Struggle Bug

Secret Room


Island Garden also offers Secret Rooms that are possible to find on Floors 6 and higher. This secret room contain two boxes which may contain any of the following items shown below:

  • Shed Shell
  • Leaf Stone
  • Soothe Bell
  • Plain Ribbon
  • Apple
  • Revival Herb
  • TM Sunny Day


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
043 Oddish F1-12


083 Farfetch'd 5-12 7.2%
102 Exeggcute F1-12


103 Exeggutor F1-12


108 Lickitung F5-12


187 Hoppip 1-12


188 Skiploom F5-12


265 Wurmple F1-12 6.4%
266 Silcoon F1-12 -0.5%
268 Cascoon F1-12 -0.5%
278 Wingull F1-12 6.4%
412 Burmy F5-12 5.0%
415 Combee F1-12


441 Chatot F5-12 3.2%


Note that Combee can rarely drop Honey due to one of it's ablities, Honey Gather.

Name Location Tile Hidden
Poké All Floors Floor No
Big Root F?? Floor No
Zinc Band F5+ Floor No
Apple All Floors Floor No
White Herb F8+ Floor No
Chilan Berry F8+ Floor No
Coba Berry F8+ Floor No
Leppa Berry All Floors Floor No
Oran Berry All Floors Floor No
Pecha Berry All Floors Floor No
Warp Seed All Floors Floor No
Gummis F10+ Floor No
Tiny Thorn All Floors Floor No
Gold Banana F6+ Floor No
Blowback Orb F5+ Floor No
TM Grass Knot F8+ Floor No
TM Pluck F8+ Floor No
TM Sunny Day F11+ Floor No
Pounce Orb F5+ Floor No

Mystery Eggs

Island Garden Mystery Eggs will hatch into one of the following Pokémon:  

Icon Pokémon Floor
043 Oddish All Floors
083 Farfetch'd All Floors
102 Exeggcute All Floors
278 Wingull All Floors
415 Combee All Floors
441 Chatot All Floors

Dungeon Objective

The objective here is like many other dungeons; to go up the floors and beat the dungeon. There is no boss at the end but Lickitung and Burmy are exclusive recruitable Pokémon here. This is also the earliest dungeon where you can obtain a Soothe Bell and Silk Scarf.


  • Bring a Pokémon with weather entry abilities such as Drought, Sandstorm or Drizzle to change the weather and run through the floors. If the sky has cleared up, Lickitung has spawned on the floor.
  • This dungeon was where the old mission office was.
Island Garden

Old Island Garden Entrance.