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The Inn (and surroundings)

The Inn is an essential building in Grassroot Town where players may completely heal their current party. It is found in the southeast corner of town, north of the Electivire Move Relearn Shop. An NPC Flaffy named Pillows sleeps outside.

Inside the Inn

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Inside the Inn (PMU 7)

The Inn is decorated by beds around the room as well as a table and a sign. Stepping on any of the beds will fully heal the player's party Pokémon. Pokémon that have fainted must be re-added to the party at Chimecho Assembly before they can be healed here.

Setting Spawns


Early PMU 7 Inn

The sign will reveal the /sethouse command and suggests to set it in one of the beds. This command sets the player's spawn point, where they reappear after giving up or fainting on an exploration. Spawn points can be set in the Grassroot Inn or inside a house

A player will respawn after fainting in a dungeon without reviving or by using the /giveup command, available at any time (with the exception of being placed in Jail by a staff member).

Finishing missions will spawn the player in front of the Mission Board near the Housing Center instead of on the set spawn point.