Iceberg Frigid Waters, sometimes shortened to Waters or IFW, is a PMU 7 dungeon with mainly Water-types. In order to access this dungeon, one must find a Secret Room in Iceberg Cavern.


The weather may be Cloudy, Foggy, or Rain. Pokemon will sometimes spawn frozen.

Icon Name
ChestnutTrap Chestnut Trap
ExplosionTrap Explosion Trap
GustTrap Gust Trap
GrimyTrap Grimy Trap
MudTrap Mud Trap
PitfallTrap Pitfall Trap
PPZeroTrap PP-Zero Trap
SealTrap Seal Trap
SelfdestructTrap Selfdestruct Trap
ShockerTrap Shocker Trap
SlumberTrap Slumber Trap
SpinTrap Spin Trap
StealthRockTrap Stealth Rock Trap
StickyTrap Sticky Trap
TripTrap Trip Trap
WarpTrap Warp Trap

  • Floors 1-19
  • Floors 20-34

Floors 1-19

The first 3 floors only have a few unevolved Pokemon. The more floors progressed, the more Pokemon start to appear.

Floors 20-34

The scenery changes once, and there is now darkness. Secret Rooms start on Floor 29.

Iceberg Underwater Depths

Iceberg Underwater Depths

The end room contains a Key of the Winds with an additional Deluxe Box.

End Box

  • Ice Stone
  • Key of the Winds
  • Pearl String
  • Relic Crown
  • Heart Scale

Secret Room


Secret Rooms can be found starting from Floor 29. There are no boxes in the Secret Rooms, but if a Honey is used, several Clawitzer and a single recruitable Clauncher (only during Dawn or Day) will spawn. They can be spawned multiple times, like Harmonic Tower's Secret Rooms with Bagon.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
086 Seel BF1-3 2.6%
087 Dewgong BF12-34 Unrecruitable
090 Shellder BF1-3 3.4%
091 Cloyster BF12-34 Unrecruitable
117 Seadra BF4-25 Unrecruitable
120 Staryu BF1-3 Unrecruitable
121 Starmie BF4-34 Unrecruitable
131 Lapras BF20-34 Unrecruitable
134 Vaporeon BF4-34 Unrecruitable
222 Corsola BF4-20 Unrecruitable
230 Kingdra BF26-34 Unrecruitable
320 Wailmer BF26-34 ??.?%
321 Wailord BF19-34 Unrecruitable
366 Clamperl BF12-34 1%
367 Huntail BF12-34 Unrecruitable
368 Gorebyss BF12-34 Unrecruitable
393 Piplup BF26-34 -5%
394 Prinplup BF4-18 Unrecruitable
395 Empoleon BF19-34 Unrecruitable
614 Beartic BF26-34 Unrecruitable
692 Clauncher Secret Room

(Honey) (Dawn/Day)

693 Clawitzer BF26-34 Unrecruitable


Name Location Tile Hidden
Ether All Floors Floor Both
Max Ether All Floors Floor Yes
Apear Berry All Floors Floor No
Lum Berry All Floors Floor Yes
Reviver Seed All Floors Floor ??
Gummi BF?? Floor No
All-Aim Orb All Floors Floor No
All-Hit Orb All Floors Floor No
All-Mach Orb All Floors Floor No
Blowback Orb All Floors Floor No
Cleanse Orb All Floors Floor No
Evasion Orb All Floors Floor No
Foe-Hold Orb All Floors Floor No
Foe-Seal Orb All Floors Floor No
Hail Orb All Floors Floor No
Luminous Orb All Floors Floor No
Mobile Orb BF26+ Floor No
Quick Orb All Floors Floor No
Recycle Orb All Floors Floor No
Stayaway Orb All Floors Floor No
Snowy Orb All Floors Floor No
Totter Orb All Floors Floor No
Warp Orb All Floors Floor No
Heart Scale All Floors Floor, Wall Hidden
Shards BF21+ Floor Hidden

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this dungeon is, for the most part, to obtain a Key of the Winds to fight Suicune in Iceberg Adrift. It's also a good place for training Electric-Types due to no Pokemon with the ability Lightning Rod. Along with Iceberg Adrift, an Ice Stone can also be gotten from the end box here.


  • Gummis are the only reliable food source here, and they don't spawn commonly, so use a Stamina Band, Tight Belt, or bring extras of your own food items.
  • Bring Honey in case you find a Secret Room and want Clauncher.