A puzzle dungeon created with 3 major puzzles, and the boss.

Dungeon Parts

Puzzle 1

This puzzle has slippery ice that sends the player in a straight line until stopped. There used to be a way to bypass this by using a Ghost or Flying type and walking on the ice to avoid slipping. This has been corrected in the revamp.

Puzzle 2

This puzzle requires to walk the correct path on thin ice. Failing to do so will result in the player warping to a "fail site" that has a warp to the beginning.

Puzzle 3

This puzzle needs a player to walk on all tiles in the given room, however no backtracking is allowed as cracks will be formed when you walk on the floor. Stepping on a cracked floor will result in the player being sent to a "fail site" that has a warp to the beginning of the part.


No Pokémon are in the dungeon except the boss.


The boss of the Ice Temple is the legendary Pokémon Kyurem, who guards the Frozen Ribbon and the treasure. Kyurem attacks the player to protect the Frozen Ribbon and the treasure. After defeat, Kyurem has a conversation with the player, before deciding to let the player take the Frozen Ribbon and the treasure, as Kyurem did not want them anyway, and he leaves, but not before telling the player that the player and Kyurem will meet again. After this battle is finished the player must also fight the Pikachu, Neo and his allies, Kingklang and Gliscor that make an appearance as the Forest Temple bosses. Neo locks the warps, and he and his allies attack the player. After defeat, they retreat to the warps, and the warps unlock. The Frozen Ribbon can be obtained. This second battle has the item Master's Heart, with a chance of it being dropped by the second boss.

  • Kyurem
  • Pikachu, Kingklang, Gliscor
  • Kyurem
  • Pikachu


There are keys in this dungeon that one must collect. The Pikachu boss also has a chance of dropping a "Master's Heart".

  • Master's Heart


  • Ice Temple Key 1
  • Ice Temple Key 2
  • Ice Temple Key 3
  • Ice Vessel

Temple Treasure

The End Room gives 2 Temple Treasures with 2 more being unlockable if you have completed the secret puzzle and obtained the Ice Vessel. The following is possible inside of the item:

  • Golden Apple
  • Shiny Stone
  • Clear Silk
  • TM Ice Beam
  • TM Frost Breath
  • Frozen Rock
  • Full Restore
  • Poke
  • Event Token (1)
  • Relic Copper
  • Relic Silver
  • Relic Gold
  • Relic Band
  • Relic Platinium
  • Revival Herb
  • Restore Power
  • Icy Dust
  • Icy Rock

Dungeon Objective


  • Levels are set to 50
  • No Items are allowed
  • Parties are disbanded


  • One must obtain the 3 Temple Keys to finish the dungeon.


  • Bring a Pokémon with U-turn to help complete puzzles 2, 3 and the secret puzzle.


  • This was originally created as a weekly party event dungeon that was later made permanent. During its original release, Kyurem was the only boss.
  • This dungeon was officially released on 1/16/2017
  • The solutions to the puzzles change each day

Solutions to the Puzzles

Ice Temple Run

Ice Temple Run