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Harmonic Tower (HT) is a dungeon that was created to celebrate reaching 100 concurrent players. This dungeon was the first permanent set level dungeon to be added into PMU 7. Harmonic Tower dungeon is a partner dungeon, only able to be completed with a full party of four players. It's found far west of Grassroot Town, beyond path blocked by a Cut leaf which leads to a dock requiring the move Surf.

Harmonic Tower can have almost all weather, ranging from hail, sandstorm, cloudy, foggy, rain and sun, with some Pokémon and their Abilities contributing.


Icon Name
Chestnut Trap Chestnut Trap
Grudge Trap Grudge Trap
Gust Trap Gust Trap
Mud Trap Mud Trap
Poison Trap Poison Trap
PP-Zero Trap PP-Zero Trap
Random Trap Random Trap
Seal Trap Seal Trap
Shocker Trap Shocker Trap
Spin Trap Spin Trap
Summon Trap Summon Trap
Warp Trap Warp Trap

Harmonic Tower changes scenery multiple times as it has many floors, each change giving it different Pokémon or qualities. The higher floor, the more difficult the spawning Pokémon are to defeat.

Floors 30-49 introduce darkness, as well as sandstorm and hail weather. Floors 30 to 39 have horizontal shaped rooms, while rooms on 40 to 49 are vertical.

Floors 50-59 look similar to the previous section, however the darkness increases, and the rooms become much smaller. In this section the Grudge Trap is introduced, and there is no more water found. Details on the walls also vanish.

Floors 60-69 look like the previous scenery set, with darkness increasing and rooms becoming smaller even more. Weather is barred from this scenery set due to Cloud Nine.

Floors 70-79 are like the previous floors but darkness disappears and rooms become larger slightly. Some Dragon- and Flying-types are introduced between here and the next scenery.

On floors 80-99 water tiles become prominent like before. The room geography changes, causing small and narrow rooms to appear.

Harmonic Rooftop

Harmonic Rooftop.png

Harmonic Tower offers four Deluxe Boxes only containing music items to the group of players that beat it, with each box "belonging" to one of the four players, having a timer for any other player of the four who picks it up.

Box items:

  • Aqua Monica
  • Grass Cornet
  • Fiery Drum
  • Icy Flute
  • Music Box
  • Rock Horn
  • Sky Melodica
  • Terra Cymbal

Secret Room

Harmonic Tower has three Secret Rooms with differing properties but similar Deluxe Box items. Secret Rooms cannot spawn on floors with switches.


The first Secret Room can be found on Floors 30-49. There is one Deluxe Box and 8 piles of 25 Poké; 4 on either side of the room.

Box items:

  • Routine Band
  • Link Cable
  • Full Heal
  • Huge Apple
  • Reviver Seed
  • All-Hit Orb
  • Mobile Orb

Between Floors 50-74 Secret Rooms contain three Deluxe Boxes, one visible and two hidden Deluxe Boxes at the bottom left and right. There are also 6 hidden piles of 100 Poké and 5 hidden piles of 50 Poké. This Secret Room is very dark without an item to remove darkness.

Box items:

  • Detect Band
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Heal Ribbon
  • Mind Plate
  • Beauty Scarf
  • Link Cable
  • Moon Stone
  • Shiny Stone
  • Full Heal
  • Full Restore
  • Huge Apple
  • Reviver Seed
  • All-Hit Orb
  • Mobile Orb

From Floor 75 onward Secret Rooms contain only one Deluxe Box, but allow the spawning of the Pokémon Bagon with a Salamence with the use of Honey. They can be spawned multiple times per Secret Room.

Box items:

  • Focus Sash
  • Life Orb
  • Detect Band
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Moon Stone
  • Sentiment Ribbon
  • Full Restore
  • Reviver Seed


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Portrait # Pokémon Floor Recruit rate
Silcoon 266 Silcoon 1-14F
Cascoon 268 Cascoon 1-14F
Voltorb 100 Voltorb 1-24F
Bayleef 153 Bayleef 1-24F
Wurmple 265 Wurmple 1-24F
Whismur 293 Whismur 1-24F
Glameow 431 Glameow 1-24F
Aron 304 Aron 1-34F
Pidgeotto 017 Pidgeotto 1-39F
Swalot 317 Swalot 1-49F
Growlithe 058 Growlithe 5-34F
Drowzee 096 Drowzee 5-34F
Beautifly 267 Beautifly 10-34F
Dustox 269 Dustox 10-34F
Kadabra 064 Kadabra 15-39F
Electrode 101 Electrode 20-29, 65-99F
-10%*Unrecruitable after Floor 84
Loudred 294 Loudred 20-34F
Meganium 154 Meganium 20-34F
Purugly 432 Purugly 20-39F
Chatot 441 Chatot 20-39F
Hypno 097 Hypno 20-49F
Baltoy 343 Baltoy 25-39F
Lairon 305 Lairon 25-44F
Gulpin 316 Gulpin 25-49F
Sandshrew 027 Sandshrew 25-54F
Bronzong 437 Bronzong 25-54, 70-99F
Wobbuffet 202 Wobbuffet 25-99F
Jigglypuff 039 Jigglypuff 30-49F
Shedinja 292 Shedinja 35-69F
Castform 351 Castform 35-99F
0.5%*Unrecruitable after Floor 64
Vulpix 037 Vulpix 40-64F
Haunter 093 Haunter 40-69F
Misdreavus 200 Misdreavus 50-59F
Drifloon 425 Drifloon 50-69F
Mismagius 429 Mismagius 55-99F
Aggron 306 Aggron 60-70F
Lickilicky 463 Lickilicky 60-79F
Electabuzz 125 Electabuzz 60-99F
Magmar 126 Magmar 60-99F
Wigglytuff 040 Wigglytuff 65-99F
Electivire 466 Electivire 70-99F
Magmortar 467 Magmortar 70-99F
Pidgeot 018 Pidgeot 70-99F
Skarmory 227 Skarmory 75-99F
Altaria 334 Altaria 75-99F
Bagon 371 Bagon 75-99F

75-99FSRSecret Room

Shelgon 372 Shelgon 75-99F
Magnemite 081 Magnemite 80-99F
Gyarados 130 Gyarados 85-99F
Politoed 186 Politoed 85-99F


Item Location Tile Hidden
Poké.png Poké All Floors Floor No
Focus Sash.png Focus Sash 75F+ Floor No
Chesto Scarf.png Chesto Scarf 15-79F Floor No
Life Orb.png Life Orb 70F+ Floor No
Light Clay.png Light Clay 30-69F Floor No
Metronome.png Metronome 20F+ Floor No
Shed Shell.png Shed Shell 11-34F Floor No
Detect Band.png Detect Band 50F+ Floor No
Diet Ribbon.png Diet Ribbon 35-79F Floor No
Gold Ribbon.png Gold Ribbon 50F+ Floor No
Heal Ribbon.png Heal Ribbon 40-84F Floor No
Pass Scarf.png Pass Scarf 55F+ Floor No
Pecha Scarf.png Pecha Scarf 1-34F Floor No
Stamina Band.png Stamina Band 1-44F Floor No
Twist Band.png Twist Band 45F+ Floor No
Warp Scarf.png Warp Scarf 1-44F Floor No
Weather Band.png Weather Band 40-99F Floor No
Black Belt.png Black Belt 5-49F Floor No
Electric Diamond.png Electric Diamond 15-74F Floor No
Dragon Diamond.png Dragon Diamond 15F+ Floor No
Fire Diamond.png Fire Diamond 15-74F Floor No
Ghost Diamond.png Ghost Diamond 15-79F Floor No
Magnet.png Magnet 5-49F Floor No
Psychic Diamond.png Psychic Diamond 15-79F Floor No
Water Diamond.png Water Diamond 15-74F Floor No
Spell Tag.png Spell Tag 30F+ Floor No
Moon Stone.png Moon Stone 40F+ Floor No
Soothe Bell.png Soothe Bell 30F+ Floor No
Silver Key.png Silver Key 11-20, 25, 27, 33-37, 39, 41, 46-50, 52,
55, 57, 59, 51, 63-64, 70-85, 90, 93-95, 97, 99F
Floor No
Apple.png Apple 1-24F Floor No
Big Apple.png Big Apple 25-89F Floor No
Elixir.png Elixir 25-79F Floor No
Ether.png Ether 5-24F Floor No
Full Heal.png Full Heal 55F+ Floor No
Herbal Tea.png Herbal Tea 25F+ Floor No
Honey.png Honey 20-79F Floor No
Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion 35F+ Floor No
Super Potion.png Super Potion 25-79F Floor No
Cheri Berry.png Cheri Berry 1-79F Floor No
Chesto Berry.png Chesto Berry 1-79F Floor No
Chilan Berry.png Chilan Berry 15-34F Floor No
Chople Berry.png Chople Berry 15-74F Floor No
Coba Berry.png Coba Berry 15-74F Floor No
Kasib Berry.png Kasib Berry 15-79F Floor No
Kebia Berry.png Kebia Berry 15-79F Floor No
Leppa Berry.png Leppa Berry 1-74F Floor No
Lum Berry.png Lum Berry 30-89F Floor No
Oran Berry.png Oran Berry 1-24F Floor No
Payapa Berry.png Payapa Berry 15F+ Floor No
Persim Berry.png Persim Berry 1-59F Floor No
Slip Seed 1-24F Floor No
Warp Seed All Floors Floor No
Gummis 10F+ Floor No
Gravelerock All Floors Floor No
Iron Thorn 35-59F Floor No
Silver Spike 60F+ Floor No
Stick 1-30F Floor No
TM Ally Switch 15-39F Floor No
TM Attract 1-49F Floor No
TM Double Team 25-89F Floor No
TM Light Screen 30-79F Floor No
TM Psychic ??F Floor No
TM Reflect ??F Floor No
TM Round 20F+ Floor No
TM Safeguard 30-89F Floor No
TM U-Turn 25-79F Floor No
Foggy Orb 35F+ Floor No
Petrify Orb 35F+ Floor No
Quick Orb 25F+ Floor No
Rollcall Orb 15F+ Floor No
See-Trap Orb 40F+ Floor No
Sunny Orb 50F+ Floor No
Big Mushroom All Floors Floor Yes
Heart Scale All Floors Floor, Wall Yes
Shards 21F+ Floor Yes

Kecleon Shop Items

There is a Kecleon Shop on Floors 13, 28, 43, 52, 63, 75, and 96.

Item Price
X-Ray Specs.png X-Ray Specs 5000 Poké
Def. Scarf.png Def. Scarf 1000 Poké
Stamina Band.png Stamina Band 1000 Poké
Weather Band.png Weather Band 1500 Poké
Zinc Band.png Zinc Band 1000 Poké
Beauty Scarf.png Beauty Scarf 6000 Poké
Soothe Bell.png Soothe Bell 3000 Poké
Normal Dust.png Normal Dust 5000 Poké
Silver Key.png Silver Key 10000 Poké
Apple.png Apple 75 Poké
Max Ether.png Max Ether 250 Poké
Restore Power.png Restore Power 3000 Poké
Revive.png Revive 5000 Poké
Lum Berry.png Lum Berry 800 Poké
Reviver Seed.png Reviver Seed 2500 Poké
TM Ally Switch.png TM Ally Switch 6500 Poké
TM Psychic.png TM Psychic 6500 Poké
TM Rest.png TM Rest 3500 Poké
TM U-Turn.png TM U-Turn 6500 Poké
TM Volt Switch.png TM Volt Switch 6500 Poké
Cleanse Orb.png Cleanse Orb 500 Poké
Escape Orb.png Escape Orb 600 Poké
Recycle Orb.png Recycle Orb 500 Poké

Mystery Eggs

Harmonic Tower has Mystery Eggs that can appear on all floors. Harmonic Tower also has special Mystery Eggs that can spawn, containing Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott. These eggs have a 1/6 chance of spawning on Floors 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, and 91. The specific species of the egg is determined by the ID of players when entering the floor, calculated by dividing the character ID value by 3. Specifically:

  • Snivy (remainder=0)
  • Tepig (remainder=1)
  • Oshawott (remainder=2)
Portrait # Pokémon Floor
Pidgey 016 Pidgey 1-19F
Aron 304 Aron 1-34F
Whismur 293 Whismur 5-34F
Glameow 431 Glameow 10-24F
Growlithe 058 Growlithe 10-49F
Snivy 495 Snivy 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91F*based on character ID
Tepig 498 Tepig 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91F*based on character ID
Oshawott 501 Oshawott 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91F*based on character ID
Sandshrew 027 Sandshrew 25-39F
Voltorb 100 Voltorb 26-34F
Bronzor 436 Bronzor 35F+
Gastly 092 Gastly 35F+
Vulpix 037 Vulpix 50-59F
Swablu 333 Swablu 75F+

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this dungeon is like many others, to go up floors and reach the top of the dungeon; being more of an accomplishment for most players due to the requirements and cooperation needed to get through Harmonic Tower. Harmonic Tower has various rare items and Pokémon, and the music-playing items obtainable only from the boxes at the end.


  • The level of the team is set to 30 (moves aren't reset).
  • No experience is gained.


  1. Starting on Floor 4, the player has to step on one switch or more in order to move on, as stairs will be locked, and need to continue doing so every 4 Floors. The number of switches increases every set floors. Floors 1-24 have 1 switch, Floors 25-48 have 2 switches, Floors 49-73 have 3 switches, and Floors 74-99 have 4 switches.


  • Grudge Traps and Random Traps are common on floors 70 and above, so consider having all of your party members equip a Trap Scarf for a smoother run.
  • As you can't gain experience, avoid fighting enemies unless absolutely necessary or if you're trying to recruit them.


  • Harmonic Tower was created by Sprinko.
  • Harmonic Tower uses music tracks only from Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.
  • When the dungeon was first released, a player managed to get a Magmarizer due to a staff mistake. The Magmarizer was removed a bit after, but the player got to keep the item.
  • On switch floors, going to the floor it leads to will not display the party transition in the chat log, nor do Abilities that activate on floor entry work.




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