Grassroot Town

Current Grassroot Town

Grassroot Town is the first town that the player encounters. This town is usually the most populated, as it is the main town players live in. This town has almost everything that a player might need, for game and social purposes.

List of Places and Features

  • Inn
    • Heals player's team's HP, PP, and statuses. Players can also can set their spawn point here.
  • Grassroot Bazaar
    • Xatu Appraisal, Lickilicky Item Cleansing, and Togekiss Egg Swap shops.
  • Marowak Training Dojo
    • Train in either of 3 unlock-able dungeons or battle other players in the Arena.
  • Delite Plaza
    • Shroomy's Treasure Trade Market
    • Skitty's Music Hall
    • Auction House
    • Spinda's Cafe
    • Lottery House
    • Croagunk's Swap Shop
    • Time Room
    • The Stadium
    • Weekly Events Hub
    • Hall Of Fame
  • Residents
    • Rustle
    • Trishian
    • Eevee Family
    • Lark
    • Bulby

Previous Versions

The town had various different looks through its history. When first created, it used  mostly non-Pokémon tiles and was called Poké Town. In PMU 6, it got revamped to use only Pokémon tiles.

It got another revamp when PMU 7 was released, together with the whole Exbel region.

Later on PMU 7, it was once again changed, but only on looks, so it was rounder and more fitting with the rest of the overworld.


  • As of 5/17/2015 there are 243 flowers total in the town.
  • On certain holidays, such as Halloween 11/13/15, Grassroot is redesigned to fit the current theme or mood.


Pokémon Mystery Universe- The New Grassroot Town

Pokémon Mystery Universe- The New Grassroot Town

Grassroot Town Tour