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Grassroot Bazaar

The Grassroot Bazaar is a building found only in Grassroot Town, and it offers three services found in every town in PMU 7.
  • Xatu Appraisal
  • Lickilicky Item Cleansing Service
  • Togekiss's Egg Swap Shop
Each one serves a different purpose altogether, although related in a few ways. Xatu and Togekiss both deal with boxes and trading in order to receive something better than what you originally had. Lickilicky cleans your otherwise not useable items, and is said to be in this place because there was nowhere else to put him. 
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Xatu Appraisal

Xatu Appraisal

This is a box-opening service offered at 150 Poke per box. Located in the very top center of the building, it is one of the most visited places as boxes are very common in dungeons but has the chance of holding rare items. Boxes are found in just about any dungeon as a drop or just on the ground. They can also be found in the much-rarer Secret Room. The boxes found in secret rooms have greater chances of containing a very rare item and has more items to be found in them. The items that can be found in boxes depend on their respective dungeon, and are all listed in their dungeon pages. To access this service, players simply walk up to the booth.

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Togekiss Egg Swap

Togekiss Egg Swap

Whenever a player receives an egg from a dungeon but does not want it, they can exchange eggs found in any dungeon to Togekiss. Each egg can be traded to Togekiss for a Pretty Box, which can then be opened at Xatu Appraisal, located to the left of it. The items in these Pretty Boxes are nothing special, but they are a nice treat for an egg that may take you more time to hatch than one wishes to spend. Players commonly use this to exchange eggs found in easy dungeons such as Tiny Grotto or eggs that they think will not give them anything good. To use this service, the player has to press F in front of the booth.

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Lickilicky Item Cleansing

Lickilicky Item Cleansing Service

Because of a certain sticky trap available in most dungeons that activates when stepped on, this booth was created in the Grassroot Bazaar. Lickilicky cleans sticky and unuseable items in the inventory for free. It is located to the left of the Xatu Appraisal service and to access it the player needs to press F in front of it.