A puzzle dungeon created with 4 major puzzles, a secret puzzle and the boss.

Dungeon Parts

First Puzzle

This one is a warps puzzle, find the correct warp to pass the First Puzzle.

Second Puzzle

Third Puzzle

Secret Puzzle

To access the Secret Puzzle, find a Secret Warp. After the Secret Puzzle, Forest Temple Sacred Pond is where you get the Secret Nature Key.


No Pokémon are in the dungeon except the boss.


The boss of this dungeon is Team Toxic, who want the Forest Temple's treasure. After defeating Team Toxic at the boss room, Gliscor and his team leave, but not before Gliscor stops and tells the player that they will be back. The Nature Ribbon can be obtained at the end room.

  • Klinklang
  • Gliscor
  • Camerupt


There are keys in Forest Temple that you have to pick up.


  • Forest Temple Key 1
  • Forest Temple Key 2
  • Forest Temple Key 3
  • Forest Temple Key 4
  • Nature Key 1
  • Nature Key 2
  • Boss Orb
  • Secret Nature Key

Temple Treasure

The End Room gives 2 Temple Treasures with 2 more being unlockable if you have completed the secret puzzle and obtained the Secret Nature Key. The follow are possible inside of the item:

  • Huge Apple
  • Grass Silk (For a limited time only)
  • Event Token (1) (For a limited time only)
  • Silver Key
  • Golden Apple
  • Huge Apple
  • Lum Berry
  • Trap Scarf
  • Escape Rope
  • Meadow Plate
  • Poké
  • Relic Copper
  • Relic Silver
  • Relic Gold
  • Relic Platinum
  • Grass Gummi
  • Grass Dust
  • TM Grass Knot
  • TM Solar Beam
  • (More, please help us add them)

Dungeon Objective


  • Levels are set to 50
  • No Items are allowed
  • Parties are disbanded


  • One must obtain the Boss Orb to finish the dungeon, to get the boss key one needs to collect Forest Temple Keys 1 to 4 & Nature Key 1, 2.


  • This was originally created as a weekly party event dungeon that was later made permanent
  • This dungeon was official released on 1/13/2017
  • The solutions to the puzzles change each day


First Puzzle

Second Puzzle

Third Puzzle

Secret Puzzle

Secret Key Entrance Secret Key 1 Secret Key 2

Pokemon Mystery Universe -- Forest Temple

Pokemon Mystery Universe -- Forest Temple