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Far Thunderstorm Forest, also called Far TSF or Deep TSF, is the continuation dungeon of Thunderstorm Forest. It is the final part of the Thunderstorm dungeon and ends with 2 boss battles. It has a total of 10 floors.

The Pokémon in this dungeon are mainly in the level range of 22-25.


Like Thunderstorm Forest, there are no weather conditions is this dungeon, but three traps are introduced.

Icon Name
ChestnutTrap Chestnut Trap
GrimyTrap Grimy Trap
TripTrap Trip Trap


The scenery of the dungeon is light brown dirt with a lot of rocks and twigs on the ground. The walls are made of yellow trees and shrubbery that are in clusters. The dungeon has darkness in it and the rooms can vary from being small to large.


There are 2 boss Pokémon at the end of this dungeon; Shinx is the first boss, fighting you alone and after its defeat it always drops a Leppa Berry. After the Shinx, the Luxray comes in as the second boss to finish you off. After its loss, Luxray may drop a regular Mushroom or 80 Poké.

Boss Drop:

  • 80 Poké (Luxray)
  • Leppa Berry (Shinx)
  • Mushroom (Luxray)

Before Fighting (Shinx):

  • Shinx: Grrrrrr!
  • Shinx: Yes, an intruder! This is my chance to prove to everyone that I can be brave! Mhm, right
  • Shinx: Prepare to face your end, intruder!

After Defeating (Shinx), Before Fighting (Luxray):

  • Shinx: Noooo! You-you're tough...
  • Shinx: I must inform the leader, yes!
  • Luxray: RAAAAAAAWWR!
  • Luxray: So it is you...
  • Luxray: You wil not escape unpunished!
  • Luxray: Get ready to meet your end!

Secret Room

The Secret Room that is found here is the exact same as in Thunderstorm Forest. However, the Secret Room that is found here is more common.


The Pokémon that appear here are similar to its previous dungeon, however they are stronger and have an addition of new Pokémon.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
125 Electabuzz F1-10 Unrecruitable
180 Flaaffy F1-10 Unrecruitable
185 Sudowoodo F1-10 Unrecruitable
309 Electrike F1-10 6.4%
402 Kricketune F1-10 Unrecruitable
404 Luxio F1-10 Unrecruitable
417 Pachirisu F1-10


702 Dedenne F1-10 Unrecruitable


Name Location Tile Hidden
Poké All Floors Floor No
Special Band All Floors Floor No
Apple All Floors Floor No
Cheri Berry All Floors Floor No
Leppa Berry All Floors Floor No
Wacan Berry All Floors Floor No
Quick Seed All Floors Floor No
Reviver Seed All Floors Floor No
Stun Spike All Floors Wall No
Petrify Orb All Floors Floor No
TM Attract All Floors Floor No
TM Roar All Floors Floor No

Kecleon Shop Items

There is a Kecleon Shop on Floor 5.

Name Price
Cheri Scarf 1000
Apple 75
Ether 75
Cheri Berry 50
Quick Seed 200
Warp Seed 200
Reviver Seed 2500
TM Thunder Wave 5000

Mystery Eggs

The Mystery Eggs that are in this dungeon are the same Pokémon that were in Thunderstorm Forest with Dedenne being a new addition.

Icon Pokémon Floor
239 Elekid All Floors
309 Electrike All Floors
702 Dedenne All Floors

(Hidden, in walls/water)

Dungeon Objective

This dungeon's objective is like the other dungeons. To be able to climb the floors and beat the bosses. Dedenne is only obtainable here outside of events, via Eggs. Otherwise players can come here to train or for the Secret Room items.



Previous Far Thunderstorm Forest entrance

  • This is the only dungeon that has a boss that spawns after another.
  • This dungeon was revamped in 2015, it used to have only 5 floors.
  • This dungeon was renamed to Far Thunderwave Woods, but was changed back to Thunderstorm Forest later on.
  • The boss room, Thunderstorm Rock, may be a reference to The Lion King's "Pride Rock".
  • Minun used to appear recruitable in Far Thunderstorm Forest, and always showed up regardless of ID.