Dungeons are a prevalent part of Pokémon Mystery Universe, however they are not all created with a set difficulty. There are dungeons that require more skill to complete them and some dungeons that require less time and effort.

Difficulty of Dungeons

Each dungeon has different reasons for being difficult to complete or being easy to complete. Some reasons for dungeons to be easy to finish are:

  • Pokémon have a type in common.
  • The player has an advantage in typing compared to the dungeon.
  • Pokémon are low in level compared to the player.
  • The dungeon itself is very straight forward.
  • There are many supplies in the dungeon.
  • There are no limitations set on the dungeon, such as:
    • Having a set level upon entering.
    • Having a limit on the amount of items.
  • The Pokémon do not use moves that are difficult to survive against.
  • The Pokémon themselves are non-aggressive.
  • The Pokémon themselves are not dangerous.
  • The dungeon is short in length.

Not all dungeons are easy to complete and some dungeons are extremely difficult to complete if not impossible without proper preparation. Some reasons for a dungeon to be difficult are:

  • Pokémon in a dungeon are all different and have no unity in typing.
  • Pokémon have great synergy.
  • The player is at a disadvantage in the typing of a dungeon.
  • Pokémon in the dungeon are high in level compared to the player.
  • The dungeon is complex or there is a difficult task that needs to be completed in order to continue.
  • The dungeon has limitations on it that severely hinder the player, such as:
    • The player may be required to be set at a low level.
    • The moves on a Pokémon are wiped and replaced with level 1 moves.
    • Little to no items may be brought into the dungeon.
  • Moves that are used in a dungeon are extremely dangerous.
  • The Pokémon in a dungeon are aggressive and attack on sight.
  • The Pokémon themselves are dangerous.
  • The dungeon has many floors.

List of Dungeons

Below is a list of all the dungeons and their region.

Name Abbr. Type Region Floors
Ancient Caustic Sewers ACS/Sewers Poison Tanren 15
Beach Bunker BB Water Tanren 24
Boggy Wastes BW Poison Archford 48
Caustic Sewers CS Poison Tanren 30
Central Seafloor Ruins SFR Center Water Archford 60
Cliffside Cave Cliffside Ground Exbel 13
Crescent Islet CI Bug/Grass Archford 28
Crescent Islet Depths Deep CI Grass Archford 7
Cryptic Chasm CCh Psychic Tanren 60
Crystal Castle CC Ice/Ghost Winden 10
Crystal Ruins CR Ice/Ghost Winden 20
Dream Grove (Daydream) DG Fairy/Psychic Tanren 40
Dream Grove (Nightmare) DG Dark/Ghost Tanren 40
Deep Thunderstorm Forest Deep TSF Electric Exbel 5
Deep Winden Forest Deep WF Ice Winden 10
Deserted Tomb DT Steel/Ghost Tanren 44
Dragon's Descent DD Dragon Tanren 50
Dragon's Descent Depths DDD Dragon Tanren 20
Eastern Seafloor Ruins East SFR Water Archford 60
Exbel Woods EW Normal Exbel 3
Friendship Forest FF Normal/Grass Exbel 5
Gritty Hollow GH Ground Exbel 13
Happiness Lake HL Water Exbel 8
Harmonic Tower HT Varies Exbel 99
Honeydrop Meadow HDM Bug Exbel 27
Inferno Volcano IV Fire Archford 60
Island Garden IG Grass Exbel 13
Jailbreak Tunnel JT Poison Exbel 12
Lenile Cavern LC Water Exbel 28
Marowak Training Dojo Dojo Varies Exbel 5/9/13
Mineral Cavern MC Water Exbel 10
Mt. Barricade Mt. Barr Rock/Ground Exbel 30
Mt. Moon MM/Moon Varies Archford 60
Mt. Skylift Skylift Flying Exbel 36
Mt. Stormhold Stormhold Ice/Flying Winden 29
Murky Trench MT Ghost/Water Archford 12
Mysterious Jungle MJ Grass/Bug Archford 60
Pebble Cave PC Normal/Ground/Dark Exbel 5
Pitch-Black Abyss PBA Dark/Poison Exbel 1
Razed Fields RF Water/Flying Exbel 1
Rocky Ravine RR/RoR Grass/Ground Tanren 35
Rustic Savannah RS Electric/Normal Tanren 28
Sauna Cavern Sauna Fire/Rock Winden 23
Sauna Cavern Depths Deep Sauna Cavern/Deep SC/SC Depths Rock Winden 7
Seafloor Ruins SFR Water Archford 21
Seafoam Cove Water/Bug Exbel 10-15
Seaside Cavern SC Water Exbel 5
Sky Fortress SF Varies Winden 99
Snowveil Den SD Ice/Steel Winden 25
Snowveil Lair SL Ice/Steel Winden 10
Sour Root Cave SRC Grass Exbel 5
Southern Sea SS Water Exbel 38
Sunny Hillside SH/Hillside Fire/Grass Exbel 6
Sunrise Temple ST Ground/Fire Tanren 28
Tanren Basement Basement Ghost Tanren 20
Tanren Chambers TC All Types Tanren 99
Tanren Courtyard Courtyard Ghost/Poison Tanren 25
Tanren Mansion Mansion Ghost Tanren 40
Tanren Mines TM/Mines Ground/Poison Tanren 42
Tanren Training Dojo TTD Fighting/Ground Tanren 36
Tanren Tunnel TT Ground/Poison Exbel 10
Thunderstorm Forest Thunderstorm/TSF Electric Exbel 10
Tiny Grotto TG Grass/Normal Exbel 10
Undercity Catacombs UC Ghost/Ground Tanren 30
Voltaic Rainforest VR Electric/Poison/Grass Archford 50
Western Seafloor Ruins West SR Water Archford 60
Winden Forest WF Ice Winden 18
Winden Pass WP Ice Winden 10
Winden Training Dojo WTD Fighting/Ice Winden 30


Strategies will be provided on the pages itself.


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