Dragons Descent Depths, sometimes called Deep Dragon Descent, DDD, or DD Depths instead, is the continuation of Dragon's Descent.


Unlike the first part of Dragon's Descent, Dragon's Descent Depths has Foggy or Cloudy weather here. All of the Pokémon here are fully evolved, both new and of Pokémon from earlier in the previous section. The traps here are the same ones found in Dragon's Descent.

Icon Name
ExplosionTrap Explosion Trap
GustTrap Gust Trap
GrimyTrap Grimy Trap
MudTrap Mud Trap
PoisonTrap Poison Trap
PPZeroTrap PP-Zero Trap
ShockerTrap Shocker Trap
SlumberTrap Slumber Trap
SpikedTile Spikes Trap
SpinTrap Spin Trap
StickyTrap Sticky Trap
SummonTrap Summon Trap
ToxicSpikes Toxic Spikes Trap
TripTrap Trip Trap
WarpTrap Warp Trap


The walls are still crystal-like, but light purple in color. The floor is a reddish purple and there's lava instead of water. Darkness is still present, now hindering more of the view. Red, pink and purple gems are scattered. On Floor 15 is a Sealed Chamber with a Sinister Box inside of it. The scenery stays the same throughout the entire dungeon.


Dragon's Descent Depths Core

Giratina can be found at the end of Dragon's Descent Depths. Before the battle, Giratina appears before the player, and thinks that the player made it to the end via luck. Then, Giratina fights the player. Once the player defeats Giratina, it then realizes that it was wrong and that the player's intentions were pure and then lets the player go to the end room before leaving.

Boss Drop:

  • 20 Royal Gems
  • Giratina's Heart Slate

Before Fighting:

  • ???: Who goes there!
  • Giratina: GUAAAARGH!
  • Giratina: What's a puny Pokémon like you doing in the depths of my abode?
  • Giratina: I haven't been disturbed in a long while. Very few have made it this far...
  • Giratina: And ALL have failed. Miserably.
  • Giratina: I could be underestimating you...
  • Giratina: No, it can't be. Judging by your looks, you probably got too lucky.
  • Giratina: You are clearly not worthy. Dare disturb me? You will be punished!

After Defeating:

*Giratina: Gah, I was wrong. Your intentions have proven to be pure.
  • Giratina: Proceed onward, and be enlightened...

Dragon's Descent Clearing

Dragon's Descent Clearing

Once reached there, you will find Taric, who congratulates you for making it to the end, after that he talks about Mega Evolution, saying it has vanished long time ago.

  • Taric: Hello again, traveller.
  • Taric: You have reached the room which holds the knowledge we protect; knowledge of a power that was wielded by Pokemon across the lands.
  • Taric: But sadly this power seems to have vanish from our realm, our ability to achieve further evolution.
  • Taric: It is called Mega Evolution.
  • Taric: How it occurred?
  • Taric: This knowledge has been lost to time.
  • Taric: Treasure everything you see here as you are the first outsider in eons to witness these ruins.
  • Taric: One day... I hope the secrets of this power will return to us. May we meet again, traveller.

End Box

There's 2 Deluxe Boxes lying close to the entrance. The obtainable items from them are:

  • 75/125/250 Royal gems
  • Dragon Dust
  • Draco Plate
  • Dragon Scale
  • Razor Claw
  • Razor Fang
  • Full Restore
  • Escape Rope
  • 50 Rare Fossils
  • Big Nugget
  • Relic Band
  • Relic Platinum
  • Relic Statue
  • Relic Vase
  • TM Dragon Claw
  • TM Hyper Beam
  • Jaw Fossil


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
006 Charizard BF1-20 Unrecruitable
034 Nidoking BF1-20 Unrecruitable
149 Dragonite BF1-20 Unrecruitable
208 Steelix BF1-20 Unrecruitable
330 Flygon BF1-20 Unrecruitable
373 Salamence BF1-20 Unrecruitable
464 Rhypherior BF1-20 Unrecruitable
610 Axew BF11-20


612 Haxorus BF1-20 Unrecruitable
697 Tyrantrum BF1-20 Unrecruitable


Many of the items found at Dragon's Descent can be found here.

Name Location Tile Hidden
Royal Gem All Floors

Dropped by Pokémon

Floor No
Dragon Diamond All Floors Floor, Wall No
Royal Silk BF15 N/A N/A
Big Yellow Apple All Floors Floor No
Ether All Floors Floor No
Herbal Tea All Floors Floor No
Max Ether All Floors Floor No
Power Herb All Floors Floor No
Yellow Apple All Floors Floor No
Haban Berry All Floors Floor No
Lum Berry All Floors Floor No
Sitrus Berry All Floors Floor No
Reviver Seed All Floors Floor No
Sharp Bones All Floors Floor, Wall
Relic Copper All Floors Floor No
Relic Copper All Floors Floor No
Relic Silver All Floors Floor No
Relic Gold All Floors Floor No
TM Dragon Claw All Floors Floor No
TM Focus Blast BF?? Floor No
All-Hit Orb All Floors Floor No
All-Dodge Orb All Floors Floor No
All Power-Up Orb All Floors Floor No
Clear Sky Orb All Floors Floor No
Cleanse Orb All Floors Floor No
Foe-Seal Orb All Floors Floor No
Health Orb All Floors Floor No
Rainy Orb All Floors Floor No
Rebound Orb All Floors Floor No
Recycle Orb All Floors Floor No
Recovery Orb All Floors Floor No
Scanner Orb All Floors Floor No
See-Trap Orb All Floors Floor No
Slumber Orb All Floors Floor No
Sunny Orb All Floors Floor No
Trapbust Orb All Floors Floor No
Trawl Orb All Floors Floor No

Dungeon Objective

The goal of this dungeon is to collect Royal Gems, get experience, get the Royal Silk and complete the dungeon. This is one of the places where Jaw Fossil is obtainable and also the only place where Axew is recruitable.


  • The Fog and Cloudy weather can make it tough to defeat Pokémon. Bringing a Pokémon with Cloud Nine, or picking weather orbs throughout the dungeon can help a bit.


  • This is used to be the only place where the Jaw Fossil was obtainable until it was added in Tanren Chambers too in the July 2017 update.