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Delite Plaza is located in Grassroot Town near Marowak Training Dojo. It is an area where players can socialize and pursue the various facilities and rooms. It is known to be the meeting place for events and the place to obtain certain items useful for gameplay.


Main Hall

There are many entrances within Delite Plaza that can take the player to other areas. The doorways along the top lead to Loomy, Skit's Music Hall, the Auction House, Spinda's Cafe, and the Lottery House. The ladders on the sides take the player to Croagunk's Swap Shop and the stadium, and the two tunnels near the central pathway take the player to the Time Room and Weekly Event Hub.

Every room with the exception of the Time Room and stadium have signs explaining where the entrance goes and what that area is. The doorways also have a relating Pokédoll above them (Shroomish for Loomy, Skitty for the Music Hall, etc.).

Leafeon Aroma: Hey [Player Name]. Did you know distinct scents have the power to recollect your memories? If you have a Big Mushroom at hand, Loomy would be pleased to remind you of some of your forgotten moves.
Delcatty Delite: Welcome!
Jolteon Hype: Ugh, I really want to go outside and do something exciting! Standing here and watching my sister shopping for stuff is boooooring!
Vaporeon Trickle: Is it even worth buying a Lotto Ticket? I'm not too big on double or nothing.

Loomy's Pre-Evolution Move Recall

Loomy's Pre-Evolution Move Recall

Mushrooms for my treasures.

Loomy is a tutor and his shop in Exbel is located in the second door from the left in the Delite Plaza. Loomy's service is similar to Electivire's Link Shop wherein moves can be relearned, but the moves your Pokémon can learn are from its pre-evolution if it is at the correct level. Loomy takes Big Mushrooms instead of regular Mushrooms.

Skit's Music Hall

Skit's Music Hall

Come on in for a good time and a load of fun!

Skit the Skitty's Music Hall is similar to a dance club and is mostly a social meeting place. When the player enters, there will be darkness around them, and there are functional Spin Traps.

Auction House

Auction House

The Auction House is used by staff to host auction events in which staff auction off items for players to bid on. Other than that, the room is rarely used.

Spinda's Cafe

Spinda's Cafe

Main article: Spinda's Cafe
Refreshing beverages and prizes; what more could you want?!

Inside there are five NPCs; Candy, Spinda, Ludicolo, and Wynaut with Wobbuffet. As of now, Candy and Ludicolo are the only functioning stations. Candy is a Swirlix who runs a shop full of food items in the bottom right corner of the cafe. Ludicolo's shop has valuable and useful items, such as cosmetic items, certain type-enhancing items, and overall rare items. In order to purchase anything there, the player will need Event Tokens, gained from events hosted by staff and Holiday Caves.

Lottery House

Lottery House

Feeling Lucky!
Come on down fortune awaits you!

This room is run by Felicity the Meowth, who sells Lottery Tickets to players for 25 Poké each. There is no limit to how many tickets one can buy. Lottery Tickets can be given to Felicity on Fridays.

Croagunk's Swap Shop

Croagunk's Swap Shop

Swap your exclusive items and get even rarer items here!

Croagunk's Swap Shop is down the ladder top left of Delite Plaza, past Skit's Music Hall. Croagunk trades three star exclusive items for certain items listed in summary and 5,000 Poké. If the trade requires 5 random items, Croagunk will take the required items in a random order from your inventory for each swap process.

In order to enter the shop you will need to have beaten the Gold Marowak Training Dojo in Grassroot Town. Additionally, to use Croagunk's swap service you will need to be at least Gold Rank.

Time Room

The Time Room

The weather in this room is sunny and pathway is surrounded by logs and shrubbery. At the end of the pathway will sit a Starly named Dawn during dawn, a Wingull named Dave during day, a Murkrow named Dustin during dusk, or a Hoothoot named Naomi during night. Their job is to tell the player what the current time is. That's the only purpose of this room, although a somewhat useless one, as a player can use the "/time" command in the chat instead from anywhere in PMU.


Pokemon Stadium DX.png
Main article: Weekly Events#Stadium

The stadium is similar to the Auction House where it's used mostly for events. Players take their roles as trainers and Pokémon and battle against one another. Kangaskhan Storage, Chimecho Assembly, and move tutors can be found at the bottom of the room. The commands "/watch" and "/stopwatch" can be utilized here.

The Events Hub

Weekly Events Hub

The weekly events hub!

This is the room where weekly events are held or announced by staff members, for all to partake in. It acts as a waiting lobby before the events take place. There is a Chimecho Assembly post in front of the locked door, as well as a blue chest to the left that acts as a Storage. There are locked doors to the bottom of the room that hold most of the event maps.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is found through the doorway in the bottom-left of the main hall. There are six leaderboards in the room; five line the back and the sixth is in the center of the room. Starting from the leftmost board in the back, the boards are for: Most Dungeon Victories, Longest Playtime, Most level 100 Pokémon, Most Mission Completions, Richest players and Most Popular Guild, which goes by member count. If a player is aiming for a top ten spot, they will need commitment and patience as reaching said spot will take quite some time. The NPCs in the Hall of Fame are all references to the Champions of the main Pokémon games; both in their names and their Pokémon species (for example, Cynthia is a Garchomp, the iconic Pokémon of the battle against her).

Currently the Hall of Fame cannot be explored and the leaderboards are non-functional. The latest leaderboard photos are from October 12, 2016.

The hole in the bottom right leads to the champion room. This room is only a joke room as there can only be one champion of PMU. Instead of constantly updating with players, staff chose the Buneary from the Exbel Woods.



Pokemon Mystery Universe- Delite Plaza

The Delite Plaza before the addition of the Time Room, Cafe, and Stadium.