• 1st floor of Deep Dynamo Sands.
  • Deep Dynamo Sands
  • Deep Dynamo Warp Puzzle

Deep Dynamo Sands was a dungeon in PMU 6. It was accessed after completing Dynamo Sands Mezzanine. This dungeon was four floors long.


This dungeon had sandy/rocky flooring and walls. There was no darkness in the dungeon. It was made up of mazes and puzzles, making it quite difficult to complete regardless of having only four floors (The warp puzzle alone should give an idea).


  • Flygon
  • Magmar
  • Aggron
  • Gible
  • Electivire
  • Cacturne

There were three bosses; Garchomp, Tyranitar, and Magnezone, and each also dropped a wide variety of items.


  • Cacnea Spike (Cacturne)
  • Electrizer (Electivire)

Boss Drops

  • Golden Seed (Garchomp)
  • TM Discharge (Magnezone)
  • TM Nasty Plot (Magnezone)
  • TM Dragon Pulse (Garchomp)
  • TM Swords Dance (Garchomp)
  • TM Stone Edge (Tyranitar)
  • TM Iron Defense (Tyranitar)
  • Choice Band (Tyranitar)
  • Choice Scarf (Garchomp)
  • Choice Specs (Magnezone)
  • Calcium (Magnezone)
  • Iron (Tyranitar)
  • Carbos (Garchomp)
  • Joy Seed (Garchomp)
  • Emerald Band (Tyranitar)
  • Reviver Seed (Garchomp)
  • Sitrus Berries (Bosses)
  • Poke (Bosses)


Random? Yes
Boss? Yes
Weather? Yes
Set Level? No


  • This dungeon was made by DarkMazer.