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The Dark Market is one of the major features in the Tanren Undercity. It is southwest in the Tanren Undercity, south of Undercity Catacombs.

In this market, you can buy items with Ekop — the exclusive currency in Tanren Undercity.


Granbull Javi: You come around these parts much?
Pangoro Ross: You have no business here if you're weak, kid.
Gallade Yugo: What? You want to go to the Ancient Sewers? You're just asking for trouble.


Violet's Shop

Violet the Ariados is one of the shopkeepers in the Dark Market. Violet sells TMs in exchange for Ekop.

Item Ekop
TM Normal.png TM Flash 75
TM Psychic.png TM Rest 100
TM Ground.png TM Dig 150
TM Water.png TM Scald 150
TM Grass.png TM Solar Beam 150
TM Dark.png TM Thief 175
TM Psychic.png TM Trick Room 175
TM Fire.png TM Flame Charge 225
TM Dark.png TM Hone Claws 225
TM Ghost.png TM Shadow Claw 225
TM Steel.png TM Steel Wing 225
TM Dark.png TM Snarl 225
TM Rock.png TM Smack Down 225
TM Normal.png TM Frustration 250
TM Normal.png TM Return 250
TM Dragon.png TM Dragon Claw 250
TM Psychic.png TM Psychic 275
TM Steel.png TM Flash Cannon 275
TM Fire.png TM Flamethrower 275
TM Dark.png TM Dark Pulse 275

Jorris' Shop

Jorris the Raichu is one of the shopkeepers in the Dark Market. Jorris sells various items in exchange for Ekop.

Item Ekop
Light Clay.png Blight Clay 75
Revival Herb.png Revival Herb 140
Pass Scarf.png Pass Scarf 175
Red Card.png Red Card 200
Sandstorm Specs.png Sandstorm Specs 225
Everstone.png Everstone 240
Trap Scarf.png Trap Scarf 250
Key.png Silver Key 255
Beauty Scarf.png Beauty Scarf 260
Eviolite.png Eviolite 275

Allotrope's Shop

Allotrope the Carbink is one of the shopkeepers in the Dark Market. Allotrope sells Weather Rocks in exchange for Ekop.

Item Ekop
Damp Rock.png Damp Rock 200
Heat Rock.png Heat Rock 200
Icy Rock.png Icy Rock 200
Smooth Rock.png Smooth Rock 200
King's Rock.png King's Rock 225
Coronet Rock.png Coronet Rock 275
Cloudy Rock.png Cloudy Rock 350
Clear Rock.png Clear Rock 350
Foggy Rock.png Foggy Rock 350
Snowy Rock.png Snowy Rock 350
Sparkle Rock.png Sparkle Rock 350

Flowa's Shop

Flowa the Sunflora is one of the shopkeepers in the Dark Market. Flowa sells seeds in exchange for Ekop.

Item Ekop
Plain Seed.png Plain Seed 1
Blast Seed.png Blast Seed 10
Warp Seed.png Warp Seed 25
Quick Seed.png Quick Seed 25
Sleep Seed.png Sleep Seed 25
Slip Seed.png Slip Seed 25
Vanish Seed.png Vanish Seed 60
Pure Seed.png Pure Seed 75
Reviver Seed.png Reviver Seed 80
Doom Seed.png Doom Seed 200


  • Allotrope is a reference to the Carbink servant of the same name in Diancie — Princess of the Diamond Domain and Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.