Welcome to the damages page. This page is for players who want to have the top spot for damage dealt to NPC's (Pokemon in red are Non Player Controlled).


Your entry comes from your Battle Log

Damage-In The Field

Your entry must come from enemies

In order to post your record, you must use the battle log from Pokemon you fought against in either the Overworld (Exbel Plains, Winden Tiaga, Archford Route, Tanren Plains/Coast) or Dungeons.


The following is restricted and will not be counted:

  • A player renamed their mon so that the damage dealt would appear that of those listed above.
  • Disconnections, Crashes, and Server Restarts. (You must still be in the same session the moment it occured)

Pokemon Damage

Below is a table of every pokemon (following Pokedex order). The goal of this section is to inflict the most damage possible.

  • Pokemon Name. This is the name of the Pokemon (following Pokedex order).
  • Damage Dealt. This is where your proof gets posted (Required as marked by *)
Pokemon Name Damage Dealt*

Move Damage

The aim of this section is to see who can do damage with various attack moves.

  • RESTRICTION: You cannot use stat buffing moves (Focus Energy, )
  • Move Name. This is the move that is to be used.
  • Damage Dealt. (Photo proof required as marked by *). The most damage this move can inflict.
  • No Items. This is the most damage the move can inflict without any boosting items held or in your bag.
  • With Items. Same as No Items except you have them on you and/or equipped. Photo Caption required with all items used.
Move Name Damage Dealt* No Items With Items

Dungeon Damage

Damage caused by each dungeon.

  • RESTRICTION: For Friendship Forest and Harmonic Tower, you must be the only one inflicting the damage for it to count.
  • BANNED**: Exbel Woods, Weekly Event Dungeons, Seasonal Dungeons and Troll Dungeons.
  • Pokemon. The enemy in the dungeon.
  • Damage Dealt. Photo Proof required. How much damage can be inflicted to that enemy.
  • Type. Is it a Basic Attack or a Move?
  • Boost. Did you use items?

**These are banned because they are one time places that you cannot go back to.

  • Exbel Woods is the tutorial. Once completed, you cannot go back.
  • Weekly Event Dungeons. These dungeons are only playable on any one given Sunday. And these are only playable for about an hour.
  • Seasonal Dungeons. These only come around on the holidays. And that's only if it's something new to play for about two weeks. And these can also change each year which means there is no gurantee that the same Pokemon will stay the same or the set level can change.
  • Troll Dungeons. These dungeons are not even dungeons. Razed Fields is banned as your level one while the enemies are level 100.

Below is a list of all the dungeons:

Tiny Grotto

Pokemon Damage Dealt* Type Boost?

Pebble Cave

Sunny Hillside