The current crossroads of PMU 7.

The Crossroads is the default spawn point after completing a dungeon and the first area the player encounters after leaving Exbel Woods.


The Crossroads is located directly south of Grassroot Town, east of Tiny Grotto, west of Pebble Cave, and North of Exbel Coast.


Over time, the Crossroads has changed drastically. Originally, they were set as a square with four paths leading out from it and a cliff in the Northwest corner. The square was changed to a diamond shape fringed with bushes and an arc was added over the Northern path. NPCs were also then added to the Crossroads.


  • Bulbasaur
  • Slaking
  • Grotle
  • Magby
  • Murkrow


  • The Crossroads have existed since the beginning of PMU.
  • PMU6 Crossroads

    PMU 6 Crossroads

    In PMU 6, the Crossroads contained a place called PMUniversity, where the player could get some tips about the game.