This guild was created in PMU 7, made by TheAwesome13th. The guild is themed around just being fun with friends, with a little bit of random and Adventure Time.

The guild dates back pre-rollback, I'm not sure what happened after it happened but what I do know it no longer exists as of this time or day.
Calculatorz guild 3 by yellowpikachu1234-d5gr47l


  • TheAwesome13th (Linoone)
  • Cinamonn (Shinx)
  • xxdaydreamerxx (Leafeon)
  • Kevin Lolz (Mudkip)
  • DarknessForce/Zecshock (Castform)
  • Sheryl (Pachirisu, now Sheryl II)
  • Nyannyansilver (Flaaffy)
  • Thunderboltz (Xatu)
  • yellowpikachi1234 (Ampharos, the artist who made the picture)