Burning Krowz is an active guild in PMU 7. It was created by Cinder. As of August 2nd, the guild consists of 16 members and it's growing. The main admins of the guild are

Leader: Cinder
Main Admins: Da Party Duq, Castelii, Starbright, NightlyShadow, Reis
Members: Cinder, Skunkix, Sylveon X, copperanium, shaddowlord, PokeBoyPro, Da Party Duq, Lilly Rose, Herbaro, Castelii, NightlyShadow, Reis, Starbright, VenerisSopio, Mocha_chan, LarLar, Bionic, Dungeon Trek, HappyPikachu, Stella White, Skyprell, Axel Voss, Leafa and Kadai