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Boggy Wastes (BW) is a dungeon located in northeastern Archford. The dungeon has mainly Grass-, Poison-, and Ground-types. It has 48 Floors and a rest point after Floor 24.


Icon Name
Chestnut Trap Chestnut Trap
Grimy Trap Grimy Trap
Mud Trap Mud Trap
Poison Trap Poison Trap
PP-Zero Trap PP-Zero Trap
Seal Trap Seal Trap
Shocker Trap Shocker Trap
Slumber Trap Slumber Trap
Sticky Trap Sticky Trap
Summon Trap Summon Trap
Toxic Spikes Trap Toxic Spikes Trap
Trip Trap Trip Trap
Wonder Tile Wonder Tile

There's numbing water that will paralyze Pokémon that cross over it on Floors 1 through 29. There is darkness starting on Floor 11, and on Floor 30, the scenery changes with increasing darkness, and water now poisons Pokémon that cross over it.

On Floor 30 is a sealed chamber with a Glittery Box that can contain the following items:

  • Pink Silk
  • Revive

After the first boss, there is a rest point with a Kangaskhan Storage statue.

Boggy Tunnel.png


Arbok and Ekans

Boggy Burrow.png

There are two sets of bosses found in Boggy Wastes. The first is an Arbok and two Ekans as minions. They are located after Floor 24 of the dungeon. No items are dropped upon defeating them.

They know the following moves:

  • Arbok: Mud Bomb, Gastro Acid, Sludge Bomb, Acid Spray
  • Ekans (Both have the same moves): Gastro Acid, Venoshock, Poison Tail, Wrap


Before fighting
  • Arbok: HEY?! YOU!
  • Ekans: What in the world do you think you are DOING in our domain?!
  • Arbok: You DARE to disturb us?! Hssss...
  • Ekans: Depart! NOW!
  • Arbok: No way! I'm afraid it's too late.
  • Arbok: There's NO turning back now! Hsss...
  • Ekans: Yerk!
  • Arbok: Let's show you what it means to mess with snakes! Hsss....
  • Ekans: H-here we come!

After defeating
  • Arbok: Ugh...
  • Ekans: EEK! What ssshould we do now, bossss?? I ssay we get outta here before we lose our tailss!
  • Arbok: What, are you two waiting for it to happen? I'm outta here!!
  • Ekans: Hey! Wait for me!

Swalot and Muk

Boggy Lair.png

The second boss is located at the end of the dungeon. The boss is Swalot and Muk with three followers of their respective pre-evolution. No items are dropped upon defeating them.

They know the following moves:

  • Swalot: Spit Up, Poison Gas, Sludge, Wring Out
  • Muk: Minimize, Sludge Bomb, Venoshock, Mud Bomb
  • Gulpin (All have the same moves): Gastro Acid, Venoshock, Encore, Sludge
  • Grimer (All have the same moves): Mud Bomb, Venoshock, Mean Look, Sludge


Before fighting
  • Swalot: Oooh! What is that?! 
  • Muk: MUAHAHA!! We have GOT ourselves some VISITORS!
  • Swalot: Yeeeh! Can we eat 'em?
  • Muk: HAH! EAT?!
  • Muk: HAHAHAHA!!!
  • Grimer: Hehehehe!!!
  • Swalot: Yesh, eat! What's so funny?! I feel hungry...
  • Gulpin: Yaaawn...
  • Muk: Is that HOW you treat our valuable VISITORS, Swalot?!
  • Swalot: ...Huh?!
  • Muk: I'm gonna show YOU how to treat your VISITORS in the right way!
  • Muk: Hey YOU! Come a little closer!
  • Muk: GRRRRAH!!! I can't resist anymore... I AM hungry!
  • Swalot: Yeeeh! So we are still going to eat them!!
  • Everyone: IT'S FOOD TIME!!!

After defeating
  • Swalot: ...Oooohhh...
  • Muk: ...UUUrghhh.
  • Swalot: ...The food... The food...
  • Swalot: ....The food...
  • Muk: ...WHAT? Spit it out!
  • Swalot: ...Is strooooong!!!
  • Muk: ...So?
  • Swalot: ...Let's ruuuuun!!!

The Boggy Sanctuary

The Boggy Sanctuary.png

After completing the dungeon there is a final room with a paradise theme.

The first time you arrive here, Ra'akuma, the Elder Vaporeon, greets you with surprise and thanks you for warding off the troublesome Pokémon before they could ruin the sanctuary.

  • Ra'akuma: By the stars... You did it... I - I am impressed, outsider
  • Ra'akuma: You drove off the curse of the bog! Perhaps your kind aren't all alike afterall...
  • Ra'akuma: I... Must apologize for our first encounter with eachother, outsider. You must understand that my people have gone through troubling times since yours have arrived on these isles...
  • Ra'akuma: Come. Allow me to show you the sanctuary.
  • Ra'akuma: Excuse my emotional state, outsider. I have not seen the bog for what it used to be in many moons... My kin and I would travel here often just to witness it's beauty...
  • Ra'akuma: Before your people came to this land, the bog was a place filled with life... This was it's heart.
  • Ra'akuma: I am grateful that you stopped the blighted ones from destroying this land... But I am certain that is the last we will see of them. However, they will think twice before they curse this sanctuary... Thank you, outsider.
  • Ra'akuma: I am grateful for what you have done... Meet me at my establishment at the Southeastern Village and I shall reward you with my knowledge of my people.
  • Ra'akuma: I am really glad the disturbances in the bog have been dealt with... Farewell for now, outsider.

There is a single Deluxe Box found here.

Box items:

  • Miracle Seed
  • Poison Barb
  • Leaf Stone
  • Big Nugget
  • Nugget
  • TM Sludge Bomb
  • TM Solar Beam
  • TM Toxic

Secret Room

Boggy Chamber.png

Secret Rooms appear starting from Floor 25 and have four boxes. The switches located in the Secret Room are used to open the doors to get the Deluxe Boxes. There are two hidden Deluxe Boxes at the bottom-right and bottom-left corners.

Box items:

  • Restore Power
  • Revival Herb
  • Pure Seed
  • Vanish Seed
  • Nugget
  • TM Dig
  • TM Poison Jab
  • TM Sludge Bomb
  • TM Toxic


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Portrait # Pokémon Floor Recruit rate
Ekans 023 Ekans B1-29F
Gloom 044 Gloom B1-29F
Paras 046 Paras B1-29F
Diglett 050 Diglett B1-29F
Grimer 088 Grimer B1-29F
Yanma 193 Yanma B1-29F
Shroomish 285 Shroomish B1-29F
Gulpin 316 Gulpin B1-29F
Bidoof 399 Bidoof B1-29F
Barboach 339 Barboach B11-29F
Croagunk 453 Croagunk B11-29F
Arbok 024 Arbok B11-48F
Vileplume 045 Vileplume B11-48F
Dugtrio 051 Dugtrio B11-48F
Muk 089 Muk B11-48F
Yanmega 469 Yanmega B11-48F
Weepinbell 070 Weepinbell B25-29F
Parasect 047 Parasect B25-48F
Marshtomp 259 Marshtomp B25-48F
Swalot 317 Swalot B25-48F
Bibarel 400 Bibarel B25-48F
East Sea Gastrodon 423 Gastrodon (East Sea) B25-48F
Skuntank 435 Skuntank B25-48F
Toxicroak 454 Toxicroak B25-48F
Victreebel 071 Victreebel B30-48F
Bellossom 182 Bellossom B30-48F
Swampert 260 Swampert B30-48F
Breloom 286 Breloom B30-48F
East Sea Shellos 422 Shellos (East Sea) B30-48F
Foongus 590 Foongus B30-48F
Amoonguss 591 Amoonguss B30-48F
Mudkip 258 Mudkip B38-48F


Many items can be found sticky and Grimy Food is more common than apples

Item Location Tile Hidden
Shed Shell.png Shed Shell B18F+ Floor No
Pecha Scarf.png Pecha Scarf B18F+ Floor No
Persim Band.png Persim Band B18F+ Floor No
Grass Diamond.png Grass Diamond B11F+ Wall No
Ground Diamond.png Ground Diamond B11F+ Wall No
Poison Diamond.png Poison Diamond B11F+ Wall No
Grass Dust.png Grass Dust B30F+ Floor Yes
Ground Dust.png Ground Dust B30F+ Floor Yes
Poison Dust.png Poison Dust B30F+ Floor Yes
Soft Sand.png Soft Sand B18F+ Floor No
Ether.png Ether All Floors Floor No
Green Apple.png Green Apple All Floors Floor No
Grimy Berry.png Grimy Berry All Floors Floor No
Grimy Food.png Grimy Food All Floors Floor No
Max Ether.png Max Ether All Floors Floor No
Smoke Ball.png Smoke Ball B18F+ Floor No
Cheri Berry.png Cheri Berry All Floors Floor No
Kebia Berry.png Kebia Berry All Floors Floor No
Pecha Berry.png Pecha Berry All Floors Floor No
Leppa Berry.png Leppa Berry All Floors Floor No
Rindo Berry.png Rindo Berry All Floors Floor No
Shuca Berry.png Shuca Berry All Floors Floor No
Plain Seed.png Plain Seed All Floors Floor No
Reviver Seed.png Reviver Seed B11F+ Floor Yes
Blue Gummi.png Gummis B10F+ Floor No
Iron Thorn.png Iron Thorn All Floors Floor No
TM Dig.png TM Dig B25F+ Floor No
TM Grass Knot.png TM Grass Knot B25F+ Floor No
TM Taunt.png TM Taunt B25F+ Floor No
Cleanse Orb.png Cleanse Orb All Floors Floor Yes
Foggy Orb.png Foggy Orb B30F+ Floor Yes
Recycle Orb.png Recycle Orb All Floors Floor Yes
Luminous Orb.png Luminous Orb All Floors Floor Yes
Petrify Orb.png Petrify Orb B30F+ Floor Yes
Heart Scale.png Heart Scale All Floors Floor, Wall Yes
Yellow Shard.png Shards B21F+ Floor Yes

Kecleon Shop Items

There is a Kecleon Shop on Floors 16, 24, 32, and 44.

Item Price
Black Sludge.png Black Sludge 1500 Poké
Stamina Band.png Stamina Band 1000 Poké
Toxic Orb.png Toxic Orb 1500 Poké
Poison Dust.png Poison Dust 5000 Poké
Leaf Stone.png Leaf Stone 3000 Poké
Reviver Seed.png Reviver Seed 2500 Poké
Max Ether.png Max Ether 250 Poké
Lum Berry.png Lum Berry 800 Poké
Cleanse Orb.png Cleanse Orb 500 Poké
Recycle Orb.png Recycle Orb 500 Poké
TM Grass Knot.png TM Grass Knot 6500 Poké
TM Solar Beam.png TM Solar Beam 6500 Poké

Mystery Eggs

Boggy Wastes has Mystery Eggs that can appear starting on Floor 25.

Portrait # Pokémon Floor
Ekans 023 Ekans B25F+
Oddish 043 Oddish B25F+
Paras 046 Paras B25F+
Diglett 050 Diglett B25F+
Bellsprout 069 Bellsprout B25F+
Doduo 084 Doduo B25F+
Grimer 088 Grimer B25F+
Yanma 193 Yanma B25F+
Mudkip 258 Mudkip B25F+
Shroomish 285 Shroomish B25F+
Gulpin 316 Gulpin B25F+
Croagunk 453 Croagunk B25F+
Foongus 590 Foongus B25F+

Dungeon Objective

By completing this dungeon the player can later talk to the Mayor and obtain the Aquatic Key. This key is needed to enter the dungeon Murky Trench and obtain HM Dive. You can find the Mayor near the entrance of Murky Trench, which is located far south, on a separate island across the ocean in Archford. Dusts are common here, and this is the only place where Mudkip is obtainable at.


  • Boggy Wastes used to look differently until the Muk and Gulpin overtook it.
    • This is a play on how pollution destroys beautiful places.
    • This can also be seen as a reference to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky's dungeon Sky Peak; where Muk and Grimer had taken over, polluting and destroying the original beauty it had.
  • The Gulpin and Muk are classified in the same manner as players.
    • "Malihini" are the term used for outsiders.
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