Beach house

The Beach House

The Beach House is a building located in the southern part of Exbel, along the coastline near the entrance to Seaside Cavern. This is a building that serves as the location players can create a Shell Bell item. The creation of a Shell Bell is a quest, a sort of side-story implemented into the game for a bit more fun! 

Outside the building stands Cumbia the Ludicolo, who tells the player "Life is not about getting through the storms, but about dancing in the rain." What an inspiration. Along with Cumbia there are 2 totem poles and a nice table.

Inside the Beach House

Beach house oshawott

Talking to Oshawott.

Entering the Beach House, the player will find themselves in a light-blue room with an Oshawott inside. The blue room is perfect for water types with its waterfall and watery accents. Talking to Oshawott will get it to tell you a little about what exactly it does; "Hey... Do you like collecting things on the beach? If you can bring me five Shoal Salts and five Shoal Shells, I can make you a Shell Bell." Oshawott just gets down to the point.

Shoal Shells and Shoal Salts are ID Items, meaning they show up for players with certain in-game IDs. Some will see Shoal Shells, and others will see Shoal Salts, and players need to trade with others in order to get five of each. After getting five Shoal Shells and Shoal Salts, the player can then return here in order for Oshawott to create the much-desired Shell Bell. 

Shoal salt

Shoal Salt

Shoal shell

Shoal Shell

Both of these items can be found in the Southern Sea and Beach Bunker dungeon as ID Items, so go out there and start hunting!