Full view of Greenport Town.

Originated in PMU 6, Archford is a region accessible in PMU 7, though one must use HM Surf from the Exbel Penninsula and beat Crescent Islet near the South Outpost Island first. Archford has its own dungeons, non-player Pokémon, Housing Center, and town. You can fly down to Archford from the lower left area of the sky. It is an overgrown plant region with many dungeons and new Pokemon; as it's the last region that can be unlocked, it is considered the hardest of the four available regions.


Mt. Moon (PMU 6) (PMU 7)

Mysterious Jungle (PMU 6) (PMU 7)

Spark Cave (PMU 6)

Boggy Wastes

Southern Sea

Murky Trench

Voltaic Rainforest

Inferno Volcano

Stark Volcanic Woods

Starlit Lagoon

Seafloor Ruins


The original way to get to Archford in PMU 6 is by taking the Ferry from the Winden Docks.

PMU Quick Tour - Archford (Route 301)-0

PMU Quick Tour - Archford (Route 301)-0

How to get to Archford