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• 2/7/2019


why is PMU down? and the forums? it was all fine just the other day,I just came back on after 4 or 5 months

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• 10/2/2018

Delete the boss info/category on Marowak Dojo?

I'm 90% sure Marowak's Training Dojo no longer has bosses. However, there's quite a lot of info on that page referring to the bosses, and I wanted to double check with everyone before making any drastic changes like that.

Also, the dungeon images/scenery descriptions are heavily outdated. I can take a few new ones, but I don't know if there are any dimension limits/requirements/preferences for the images to be.

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• 4/18/2018

Housing Help

My house is doing this weird flashing thing with the tiles and won't let me place anything down. pls help
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• 2/11/2018

Help! Does this still exist? What happened to the website??

Is the game dead?? Can't seem to find any way to redownload the game or see if the server is up.
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

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Have fun!
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• 9/20/2016

The formal definition of the Undercity: An extension of Tanren.

According to Ashie, the Tanren Undercity is an extension of the region of Tanren and not its own region. To prevent the spread of false information, please remove any references that state that the Undercity is a region. In its place, refer to the Undercity as it is or as an extension of Tanren.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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• 6/3/2016

Merge PMU 6 Guild Pages -> Main PMU 6 Guild Page

There are a ton of stubby pages for many PMU 6 Guilds, with little to no information about each guild (sometimes without founders mentioned) - it might be easier to just merge them all together on the main page.
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• 5/12/2014

Records and other information

There was a thread on the PMU forums made by Willi called "PMU Hall of Fame" or something similar that eventually got locked because of "egotism." I would love to know information like that, but it seems the only place for it would be here in the wiki and I would like to know what you think. Records would include things such as "first 100s" and "highest level Pokemon." That is the information I am most interested in, but more records may be added. Certain restrictions will apply, of course. When listing people who have level 100s of certain pokemon, people who abused a glitch or got exp in ways unintentional should not have that pokemon included. Staff members may only be included if they trained the pokemon legitimately. I know the staff are not really trustworthy for some things, but I feel most would be trustworthy about something like this. I cannot do this on my own so that is why I am posting this here. Tell me what you think?
Thisis the thread for anyone who wants to see.
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• 5/8/2014

PMU Moves: Separate into Different Types?

I was wondering if maybe we could, instead of having the PMU Moves all on one page, be separated by Pokémon type or maybe by categories of AoE, LoS, etc. Thoughts?
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• 4/28/2014

Navigation Bar

Well i was wondering since we are moving towards PMU8 (sooner or later lol) the PMU 6 section we have up in the navigation bar is becoming less and less important.
But fear not! the PMU 6 section will not be entirely disbanded, i want to put PMU6 as a subsection under "PokemonMysteryuniverse" (probably replacing "Events")
So my question for all of you is, what would you like to replace it with? 
Personally i would want to replace it with something like; Smogon PMU, having sections for Dungeons and PvP, it would include stuff like tips and Uber, OU, NU ect basically what the original smogon has.but made for PMU.
Remember you dont have to agree feel free to suggest anything you want, or even request to keep PMU6 as is.
I will wait around 2 days before continuing this discussion just to make sure everyone has time to say their part. Around April 29th
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• 4/26/2014

Tanren Mines Vestible Video

Well i made a video about completing the puzzle after getting HM Rock Climb but the only problem is that whenever i try to upload it, i cant. I tried different things and in the end i decided that some of you might know how to do this (upload it onto the wiki to Tanren Mines under the Video section.)
Here is the link;
Good luck!
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• 1/19/2014

Alright so now that PMU is back...

Such as this:
I am appalled that the Dark Side of the Moon is only 3rd most popular. I demand that it be number one. But for it to be lower than Anthem and even the Crossroads is devastating. I am in shock that this "Most Popular" feature does not work correctly as the Dark Side of the Moon is obviously the most known and loved thing in all of PMU. As well as its first leader. IT SHALL BE NUMBER ONE!
And welcome back, PMU!
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• 12/4/2013

Sooo... PMU8?

When PMU8 is released do we want to add new tags to the old stuff? Apparently the content itself won't be changing much, so it's almost identical to PMU7. Not sure if we want to spend time on that...
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• 10/23/2013

Can I Write a Page About my Team or Myself as a Character in the Pokemon Universe?

Can I make a page and write FanFictions about my team (along with me) on this Wiki?
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• 7/28/2013

Navigator Update!

At the top of the Wiki you will see a list of links

On the Wiki
This already had a discussion that you can find here.
This thread that i created is more to inform everyone of what has been done, and to ask to use this page if you want to ask anymore suggestions. Thats all~
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• 7/19/2013

PMU Navigation Changes

At the top of the Wiki there is a nagivation (On the Wikia, Redirection, Regions, Community, Playerbase) with the addition of new pages some of the things on the navigation become less important. I have made this section in an attempt to know what would you guys like at the top of the wikia.
Some things that could be done include but are not limited to

Most popular pages of a certain category (it will show a list similar to the "recently changed pages" under the community tab, for example the category "PMU7 Dungeons" or "Guilds")
As well as certain pages you want to be put up into the navigator
If you want anything renamed up at the top
If you want something at the top to lead to a different page
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• 7/13/2013

The Porygon Family

Just a quick reminder about the names of the Porygon family, since they are often confusing- This is how they are spelled:
Porygon2 (no space)
Porygon-Z (dash in between name and Z)
Just a quick tip :3
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• 7/12/2013

PMU Moves Discussion

Well this is just a thread i made to discuss the PMU Moves that i made. I have a couple concerns about some of the things that i did or did not do, so here are the questions!

Should i add a PMU6 Section
What name should be given for the Floor Moves

Also if there is anything else that you want to talk about like editing the tables or something talk about it here!
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• 7/10/2013

Tiny Grotto

This will be able to discuss about Tiny Grotto. Yeah, sorta seems pointless, but it's still able to be applied for the interest of the Wiki improvement.
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• 7/10/2013


To gather more information, I believe a discussion should be proposed of what was in PMU 6. I do recall an outlaw system, but it's not mentioned. I do believe other things were in PMU 6, so discuss what things to add to this page.
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